Salesforce® ECM Integration

Streamline the Storage and Retrieval of Sales and Service Records

Provide sales teams with immediate access to contract data and documents through the combined power of GlobalSearch ECM and Salesforce.

  • Content Management SoftwareCentralize document storage electronically to eliminate manual paper processes
  • Content Management SoftwareUtilize data in Salesforce to scan and index documents into GlobalSearch
  • Content Management SoftwareBind Salesforce data to GlobalSearch picklists, synchronizing data sets
  • Content Management SoftwareAccess GlobalSearch documents in one click, directly from Salesforce screens
  • Content Management SoftwareStreamline administrative processes associated with the filing, storage and retrieval of documents
  • Content Management SoftwareEliminate manual key entry, increasing data accuracy
  • Content Management SoftwareIncrease customer service levels with direct access to documents from Salesforce screens
  • Content Management SoftwareGain visibility into review processes with automated notifications and escalations

How it Works

With powerful integration capabilities, GlobalSearch can integrate with Salesforce to streamline the management of business sensitive sales records.

  • Square 9 GlobalSearch Capture

    Capture & Storage

    Scanned documents and captured data can be immediately previewed for accuracy against Salesforce data, before being digitally filed away, eliminating paper storage and simplifying retrieval.

  • Contract Collaboration Retrieval

    Immediate Access

    A custom button placed on a Salesforce detail screen calls GlobalSearch’s core web scanning capability, retrieving on screen account information for indexing.

  • Integrate with Salesforce

    Document Retrieval

    Salesforce screen information, such as Account Name or ID, can be passed to an integrated search which will retrieve any applicable documents in GlobalSearch the user has access to.

  • Document Management Collaboration


    From there the documents can be viewed, printed, emailed or annotated. Integration with Dropbox and DocuSign provides the ability to share and collaborate on documents with external users.

  • Integrated Solutions


    The GlobalAction Business Process Management engine delivers proactive automated notifications of an impending deadline, to ensure due dates are never missed and milestones are always hit.

  • GlobalSearch Revision Control

    Revision Control

    For authoring processes, such as contracts, GlobalSearch has a built in revision control engine that creates a new version any time a change is detected, allowing users to easily review previous versions to help with decision making.

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