Contract Collaboration Management

GlobalSearch® Accelerates Contract Cycle Times and Increases Profits

GlobalSearch allows users to efficiently negotiate, manage and collaborate on contracts to ensure compliance with written terms and conditions.


Contracts Challenges

  • Tracking changes and multiple contract revisions
  • Ensuring legal compliance
  • Getting contracts signed quickly and efficiently
  • Losing sight of contracts in queue

GlobalSearch Solutions

  • Integrate with DocuSign for remote signatures
  • Easily track global contracts with multiple parties
  • Measure contract performance with full audit trail
  • Receive automated notification for signing

Contract Collaboration Automation Provides the Ability To:

  • Meet contractual requirements and obligations

  • Assign policies for contract lifecycle management

  • Avoid the risk and penalties from broken or incomplete contracts

  • Create company specific contract regulations

  • Automate contract approval processes

  • Log all contract modifications and approvals

Case Study

Aerospace Company Takes Flight with GlobalSearch

HARCO Laboratories saves over $28,000 annually as GlobalSearch improves contract management processes

“We strategically implemented GlobalSearch’s time-saving workflow capabilities to streamline our complex, 17-step contract review procedures which has  revolutionized the way we manage documents.”

Brian O’Connor
IT Manager, HARCO Laboratories, Inc.
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How it Works

1. Audit Trail

GlobalSearch automatically retains all document history, including versioning and editing, so that administration can easily track all contract activities.

2. Workflow

With GlobalSearch, users can streamline the negotiation, review and approval of contracts through automated document workflows.

3. Storage

Within GlobalSearch, contracts can be sorted by the date they were created, modified or completed, or by customer name, customer number, etc.

4. Retrieval

With the proper permissions, an employee can easily retrieve a contract from the document database, ensuring that obligations are met on both sides to determine that the scope of work is fully met.