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From small business applications to enterprise solutions, organizations that utilize document-intensive processes rely on SmartSearch to streamline their workflows as they eliminate inefficient paper processes. Download the SmartSearch Data Sheet here.


SmartSearch offers affordable, award-winning document management software with value-driven solutions that are easy to use, learn and support.


A Quick Introduction to SmartSearch


Benefits of Document Management


  • Eliminate paper-based filing systems
  • Streamline business processes
  • Automate document routing and notifications
  • Increase document security and compliance
  • Easily share and collaborate on documents
  • And much more…

SmartSearch ECM delivers powerful new tools for business process automation.

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Key Features and Benefits

GlobalSearch® extends the reach of your SmartSearch installation beyond traditional LAN, WAN or VPN access by delivering anywhere, anytime access to documents from any browser or mobile device.

Automate the capture and storage of your business critical data. GlobalCapture® uses intelligent batch separation, image cleanup, optical character recognition and barcode recognition to automatically detect and extract information.

The GlobalAction® BPM engine scales easily across organizations of all sizes with the ability to map business process designs from any modern browser through a drag and drop interface.


GlobalAnalytics® provides dashboard views of GlobalAction process queues, giving instantaneous visibility into transactional activity. GlobalAnalytics adds business intelligence to GlobalAction workflows by providing management reports on document-driven processes.

Administrators have the flexibility to perform all SmartSearch database design and configuration tasks through a web-based interface within GlobalSearch.

Granular security in SmartSearch integrates with Active Directory greatly streamlining administration and providing users with single sign-on access. The built in audit trail proves your security is working by logging all document actions by date and user.


In addition to English, both SmartSearch and GlobalSearch include options for French, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian and German languages, enhancing global readiness through localization.

Gain full capture-and-retrieval support right from the control panel of any current version of a Konica Minolta®, Toshiba®, or OKI® multifunctional printer, which acts as the catalyst for workflow automation.

With it’s new configuration interface, KeyFree Indexing allows users in SmartSearch or GlobalSearch to easily make OCR adjustments like auto rotation, text case changes, font type selection and more.


Professional Edition

The perfect electronic document management software solution for Small to Medium Business (SMB) and departmental applications. With its modular design, the Professional Edition offers maximum flexibility in both pricing and configuration by allowing organizations to select only the tools needed for their specific business application.

Corporate Edition

Designed for organizations looking to leverage the full spectrum of what SmartSearch has to offer. As a comprehensive solution which includes licensing for disaster recovery and test bench applications, the Corporate Edition delivers a tremendous balance of value and enterprise class functionality.


I estimate that SmartSearch has saved me 15 hours each week that I can now devote to other town business. That equates to a more than 35-percent gain in my personal productivity, and it gives me a sense of personal satisfaction because I’m getting my job done better and more efficiently.

— Susan Griggs, Town Clerk, Centerville, TN

Implementing a SmartSearch solution allowed us to solve numerous problems and address risks posed by our outdated paper-based system. At the same time, it allowed us to streamline our internal business processes, operate more efficiently and provide better customer service.

— Tom Casalino, Chief Financial Officer, Airline Reporting Corporation


Download the SmartSearch Data Sheet to learn more.

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Q – Is SmartSearch document management software expensive?

A – No, SmartSearch scales easily from small business applications to enterprise solutions. Pricing is based on the number of concurrent users and the optional components required making it affordable to businesses of all sizes. In addition, SmartSearch can be acquired through flexible leasing options like any other investment in office technology.

Q – Can I start off with a basic installation and add users or features later?

A – Absolutely. It is common for organizations to begin with a limited initial investment in SmartSearch and expand on it as its value becomes proven. Start with one department today and extend SmartSearch enterprise-wide over time.

Q – Do I need additional scanning software?

A – No, SmartSearch includes a fully integrated scanning module which includes all of your essential tools for capture. If you already own a scanning solution, SmartSearch integrates with industry leading solutions such as Artsyl, Kofax, PsiGen and Kodak Capture.

Q – I already have a scanner; can it be used with SmartSearch document management?

A – Our unique Capture Workflow module allows SmartSearch to work with any brand of scanning equipment that can send a file to the network. This includes desktop or production scanners and multifunctional printers.

Q – We have a mixed environment of PC’s and Mac’s. Will SmartSearch work for all my users?

A – While SmartSearch is a .Net based application running on Microsoft SQL Server, it can easily be extended through GlobalSearch, Square 9’s cross platform interface which runs in your web browser.

Q – What are the server requirements to run SmartSearch?

A – Server hardware requirements vary depending on the number of concurrent users. For small business customers, it is possible to run the SmartSearch server on a Windows 7 desktop. For enterprise customers, a client server environment would be recommended. To see a list of recommended hardware requirements, see technical details below.

Q – What types of files can be stored in SmartSearch?

A – The open architecture of SmartSearch allows any file type to be stored within SmartSearch. The SmartSearch viewer supports all major image and Office formats including: PDF, TIFF, JPG, PCX, TXT, RTF, CSV, DWG, MSG, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.

Q – Will SmartSearch work with my multifunctional Printer/Copier/Scanner?

A – Absolutely. SmartSearch will integrate with any capture software or MFP device using standard capture and drop to a directory. Our SmartCapture scanning interface also provides native TWAIN based imaging support or you can easily integrate with most multifunctional printers via digital on-ramp connectors like; Office Workflow for Kyocera HyPAS and Sharp OSA, ScanFlowStore for Xerox, DigiDocFlow for Ricoh/Savin, ScanTag for Muratec, NSI AutoStore and eCopy.

Q – Can I access files stored in SmartSearch from my other business applications?

A – Yes, SmartSearch provides a number of tools for image enabling your business applications. Our Image XChange option allows you to call a file from SmartSearch without any integration requirements and works with virtually any business application through its unique GDI hooking technology. More traditional integration methods are also available through .Net and RESTful API calls.

Q – The idea of scanning my records is daunting, is there a best way get started?

A – It can seem a little overwhelming at first but users quickly realize that SmartSearch provides several different approaches for attacking your back file and for eliminating the flow of paper going forward. To learn more about the options available, view our white paper on Getting Started with ECM.

Technical Details

Hardware Requirements

SmartSearch is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and built on the .NET platform. With a strong belief in the use of open architecture and industry standards, Square 9 Softworks created SmartSearch as a powerful and scalable platform to expand on. Features like Active Directory integration and SOA architecture deliver functionality not found in other enterprise class applications.

The open architecture of SmartSearch and its adherence to industry standards ensures that it is the right solution for the present and the future. By storing documents in their native file format (PDF, TIFF, JPG, PCX, TXT, RTF, CSV, DWG, MSG, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel), SmartSearch makes sure your documents will always be available for export without the added cost of a conversion.

SmartSearch combines this use of open file formats with the power of Microsoft’s SQL Server database engine. Long established as an industry standard, MS SQL Server delivers unparalleled performance. Should a company wish to integrate SmartSearch with other database applications, its open table structure within SQL Server provides an ODBC/OLEDB compliant platform for data exchange.



SmartSearch, the one solution when you’re looking for:



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