ESIGN and UETA Compliance Solutions

Compliance Management

GlobalSearch Simplifies Electronic Signature Applications in Business Transactions

GlobalSearch provides the ability to apply electronic signatures as defined by the United States law for full compliance with ESIGN and UETA regulations. GlobalSearch ensures any contracts entered electronically will be legally effective and valid, and provide the same protections as paper contracts.

GlobalSearch offers the ability to:

  • Sign documents through a secure workflow process
  • Burn a signature to any image, file or PDF document
  • Write signatures through the use of a stylus or mouse
  • Digitally sign using a laptop
Download the ESIGN & UETA Brochure


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Signatory Consent

    The UETA and ESIGN both state that the consumer must be notified that they are not required to use an electronic signature for execution. GlobalForms addresses this condition by requiring signatory consent to these terms before signing on a web form.

  • Visibility & Security

    Square 9’s granular security requires that the individuals executing a contract agreement authenticate their identities before being granted access to the approval process. Additionally an audit trail of all transactions is provided to further ensure the validity of the signature.

  • Retention

    The ESIGN Act states that if a “statute, regulation or other rule of law” requires the retention of the file then “that requirement is met by retaining an electronic record.” As comprehensive ECM solutions, Square 9’s product suite clearly addresses any concerns regarding this condition.

  • Availability

    It is also required that any signed documents must be made easily available to all parties involved. GlobalSearch accomplishes this by enabling all signatories the ability to save a copy of the record to their own computer or electronic device.