HIPAA Compliance Solutions

HIPAA Compliance Management

Eliminate the Hassle of Upholding HIPAA with GlobalSearch

Whether a physician’s office, medical biller, insurance firm or related entity, the award winning GlobalSearch Enterprise Content Management solution can effortlessly transform your healthcare establishment into a HIPAA compliant provider. With robust, multifaceted security, open access to patient information is restricted and only attainable as needed by authorized personnel.

GlobalSearch Accommodates All HIPAA Security Standards With:

  • A fully integrated database security system
  • Monitoring and tracking of all user and document activity
  • Enterprise-wide record retention automation
  • Safeguarded privacy of protected health information (PHI)
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GlobalSearch Eliminates Privacy Risks Through:

  • Access Control – Administrators have full control over user authorization into the system
  • User-Based Permissions – Assign users access rights to individual archives and files, depending on their needs
  • Secure Encryption Technology – Avoid unauthorized access to PHI transmitted through the network
  • Audit Trail – Consistently track the activity, course and modifications of each patient record
  • Image Annotation – Quickly annotate information on records that contain sensitive patient information like Explanations of Benefits
  • Retention Scheduling – Once a record reaches its end of life, it will automatically be sent for removal from the database

Key Features & Benefits:

GlobalSearch meets the regulatory requirements of electronic recordkeeping, falling in line with HIPAA principles, standards and implementation

  • Document History and Auditing

    HIPAA requires organizations to record and examine all activity and use of electronic protected health information. Within this system, policies must be set company-wide to protect data from being wrongfully modified.

    • Actions tracked by GlobalSearch include:
      • Document views
      • Data alterations and adjustments
      • Use of annotations
      • The route and release of records
      • Document deletion
      • Application of electronic signatures
      • And more…
  • Protect Patient Information

    Privacy regulations must be set with third parties such as medical billing providers. GlobalSearch provides the power of annotations, allowing users to conceal individual words or areas of documents when sharing records.

    • GlobalSearch can remove sensitive data like:
      • Patient name and address
      • Contact information
      • Dates of visit
      • Medications provided
      • Social security numbers
      • Billing and payment information
      • And more…