GlobalSearch® is the Perfect Recipe For Indiana Based Food Manufacturer

Producing custom food solutions since 1976, Park 100 Foods is a manufacturer of soups, sauces, and side dishes for national restaurant chains. They specialize in helping food service operators in the areas of product consistency, food safety, research & development and quality assurance.

With multiple locations throughout Indiana, Park 100 Foods struggled with efficient communication across locations. They relied on outdated paper processes, resulting in a lack of internal collaboration and a decline in overall efficiency. Each location receives multiple shipments a day, and for each shipment, the appropriate documents were being sent via an interoffice envelope to the corporate office for processing. During this transition, documents were getting misplaced and payments were getting delayed.

As a custom food manufacturer serving restaurants nationwide, Park 100 Foods realized it was time to start looking for a document management platform that would enable their team to work smarter, faster and more productively. One key criteria Park 100 wanted in their software solution was customization. None of their document-driven processes are standardized, and many change often in the industry. Park 100 Foods wanted the ability to be able to change, modify and scale their software to act upon and meet their ongoing needs.

Their search led them to Square 9’s award-winning GlobalSearch® document management software. Park 100 knew Square 9 was the perfect match for their business needs once they saw the software’s comprehensive workflow system. They knew they wanted more than a file storage system and Square 9 came to the rescue! The built-in workflow automation functionality enables Park 100 to design custom document routes that would eliminate timely administrative tasks. Workflow automation gave staff members piece of mind while streamlining their daily business routines.

Park 100 first implemented GlobalSearch into their Accounting department. Now, when they receive shipments, each document is scanned directly into GlobalSearch where a 3-way match is automatically performed. Once the match is complete, payment is made to the vendor and the documents are securely stored within GlobalSearch. This process alone has eliminated a whole room dedicated to file storage and has also freed up a week of work on average for the accounting team alone! At the end of each fiscal year, they no longer need to waste time transferring files from one room to another to make space for the next year’s documents.

In less than a year, the AP department has processed over 50,000 documents into GlobalSearch and their team has seen a 40% increase in productivity, while eliminating the need to hire additional staff. GlobalSearch has allowed their team to scrutinize their current processes in which they noticed a lot of unnecessary steps and redundancy. With Square 9’s powerful automated solutions, Park 100 has been able to create the most efficient business workflows that save employees time to work on more important tasks.

Park 100 was so satisfied with GlobalSearch, they decided to add GlobalForms® web forms management to their solution. The Human Resources department was the first to benefit from GlobalForms by converting all paper documents and forms into electronic versions. From onboarding forms to injury reports, employees are now able to complete their paperwork instantly online via GlobalForms. Once the forms are complete, all the information is stored in a centralized location that can be accessible from all locations and shared with the appropriate team members for more efficient processing.

GlobalSearch has not only helped Park 100 Foods store tackle their documents storage woes, but it has also perfected their daily processes, making them more productive and increasing customer satisfaction. To learn more about Park 100 Foods, visit

Interview: Justin Bradley, Systems/AP/Payroll Administrator, Park 100 Foods

Q. What criteria did you have in mind when searching for a Document Management solution?

Justin Bradley: As a custom food manufacturer for national chains, we always look for customization in our software solutions. Nothing we do is standard in the industry and thus none of our processes are either. We love how we can customize GlobalSearch anyway we need to fit the requirements of our processes. If something isn’t working, you simply change or modify it to work better for you. Another big item that sold us on GlobalSearch was the comprehensive workflow system that runs alongside the document management. It’s way more than just a cloud-based file storage system. It allows us to actually put workflows in place to eliminate silly administrative tasks that an employee no longer needs to waste their time doing.

Q. How is your company leveraging GlobalSearch and which departments are using it daily?

Bradley: Our Accounting department and Customer Service teams are taking full advantage of the software to speed up their processes and store all of their documents. We’ve also implemented a few processes within our Quality Assurance and Safety teams. We are in the process of transitioning our Human Resources team over to use the solution for all their processes and documents just like the Accounting team has done. They’ve had a little taste of the software and keep asking for more.

Q. How is the GlobalForms solution being used?

Bradley: Our Human Resources team didn’t want to continue the process of scanning and indexing documents, so we added GlobalForms to convert all current paper documents and forms into electronic versions of themselves. From orientation paperwork to an injury report on the plant floor, we are utilizing GlobalForms to make everything electronic. This has saved our HR team time from scanning/indexing documents and allows them to respond to new tasks faster than ever. Utilizing iPads on our plant floors allows our managers to complete their employee related paperwork instantly via GlobalForms as opposed to our old processes of going back to their desk and filling out a paper form, which in most cases, didn’t get done.

Q. Would you recommend Square 9’s solutions and why?

Bradley: Without a doubt we would recommend Square 9 solutions. Square 9 has helped us not only store documents but perfect our daily processes to make us more efficient for our customers. We have definitely come out ahead using this software.