GlobalSearch® Increases Administration Team Efficiency for Their Search of Compliance Documents

Industry: Aerospace, Defense, Engineering, and Motor Sports

Company: Nasmyth West Middlesex Ltd.

Departments Impacted: Administration

Featured Products: GlobalSearch®, GlobalCapture

Objective: Implement a solution to comply with aerospace regulations where all documents could be stored in one place and easily searchable.

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Meet Nasmyth West Middlesex Ltd.

Starting in 2003, Nasmyth West Middlesex Ltd. (NWM), part of the Nasmyth Group, broke into the aerospace, defense, and motor sports industries specializing in surface treatments of metals. Since then, they have continued to grow the business specializing in various complex industries worldwide.


To comply with aerospace regulations, companies in this industry must maintain their Certificates of Completed work for 30 years or longer. Nasmyth was starting to lose storage space with 10+ years of Certificates of Work stored in boxes at their office location. When the administration team needed to review a Certificate of Work, they would spend 1-2 hours locating the correct file box and then up to an hour searching the box for a particular Certificate of Work.


Nasmyth West Middlesex needed a solution for their administration team to get started scanning paperwork and for the solution to recognize the documents and store them in one place. “We wanted to be able to easily scan documents into the system and search for the documents by just looking up the certificate reference number and get the exact result,” said Harminder Jandu, Technical Manager of Nasmyth West Middlesex. Nasmyth West Middlesex chose Square 9’s GlobalSearch because they felt other companies did not offer a solution that would recognize the Certificates of Work from the point of scanning.


The project’s implementation required updates and infrastructure changes; this made the implementation slower than initially planned but made for a better installation. The supplier (Selectec/Alto) helped to identify the requirements, and then as the technical manager, Harminder was able to use this as a plan to make the changes needed.

The document capture process’s design identified more elements to the documents than the elements that were initially considered. This insight allowed Harminder to determine the requirements and guide the designers to change the processes to suit the revised needs. GlobalCapture was flexible enough to allow for changes in design and process as they arose.

“We are very pleased with the results!” said Harminder.


Nearly half of the documents from storage are into the GlobalSearch. “The software is good and works great for our Certificate of Work storage and search process. GlobalSearch can be adapted to suit every need. Their solutions support team is also very helpful and works with you to understand your needs and helps find a solution within the software to help make the solution work better for us,” said Harminder Jandu.

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