Square 9 GlobalSearch

GlobalSearch® Integrates with OpenOne, Streamlining Capture by Synchronizing Data

Since 1996, Applied Technology Solutions (ATS) has revolutionized the way the utilities industry functions. With their OpenOne suite of products, ATS delivers advanced data management solutions that provide substantial productivity gains and dramatic improvements in customer service, enhancing the financial positions of its user community.

OpenOne from ATS is a web-based system that combines all customer information, billing, outage management data and more, into a single, cost-effective enterprise system. But what truly makes the OpenOne solution unique is its integration with GlobalSearch® content management from Square 9® Softworks.

By integrating with GlobalSearch, a cost effective digital solution that efficiently stores business documents of any type, the OpenOne system gains functionality that it previously did not provide. ATS customers can now use previously stored data in OpenOne to scan and index documents into the GlobalSearch database without the need for user intervention. Even more, users can bind OpenOne information to GlobalSearch picklists and synchronize data sets, eliminating manual data entry between multiple systems.

Through an easy-to-use web browser, document data is captured and instantly shared with the appropriate departments or individual users, greatly simplifying the indexing process. Custom buttons in OpenOne can call GlobalSearch’s core web scanning capability, retrieving on screen account information for immediate indexing. With the unique customization, ATS customers have shown an average of 30% increased productivity, streamlining document management processes with increased visibility.

GlobalSearch has enabled ATS to better manage internal processes as well. Accounts Payable workflows are set so invoices scanned into GlobalSearch are instantly routed through the organization, entering approval process and automatically notifying users when an invoice is ready for payment. Associated paperwork is directly indexed into GlobalSearch, which has allowed ATS to realize efficiency gains of 40%, as daily accounting processes are more accurate and completed faster. With the productivity increase comes the reassurance that all correspondence, invoices, and other documents can now be shared without the potential of incorrect filing, damage or being overlooked.

GlobalSearch is also fully integrated with ATS’ new Human Resources portal. This allows users to scan and view employee records directly from the ATS platform. Now all of a company’s employee records are available at the click of a button; no more searching through filing cabinets or firing up another software system to find information.

ATS plan to expand the use of GlobalSearch within the company and take advantage of its extended functionality, starting with Square 9’s GlobalForms® Web Forms Management. GlobalForms automates the capture and management of employee information through web-based payroll documents, statements of benefits, onboarding forms, time sheets and more.

Providing knowledge workers with a fast and easy way to find documents and streamline the decision-making process, ATS offers a full range of service and support to ensure the success of its customers. To learn more about GlobalSearch’s integration with OpenOne, visit http://www.ats.coop/openone/.

Scott Woodward, Chief Executive Officer
Scott Tolbert, Chief Technology Officer
Darlene Gainus, Chief Administrative Officer

Q. What business challenges led you to discover GlobalSearch and Square 9?

ATS. ATS develops and supports utility software solutions and we believe in a best in class integration model. Since our core software platform includes Accounting, Customer Service (mobile and online applications), Mapping, Outage Management, Human Resources Portal and a Reporting Portal that supports a company intranet, we were looking for a way to integrate our Customer Information and Financial Systems for archiving and indexing documents – and with GlobalSearch we can access everything in just a few simple clicks.

Q. How have processes changed since implementing GlobalSearch?

ATS. GlobalSearch, along with ATS integration, has streamlined the Document Management processes of our customer organizations. Customers are then utilizing the workflows to inform and require approval of invoices, eliminating the passing of paper through an organization. First the document is scanned from the Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting or Human Resources departments and is then routed through a workflow to inform and require approval from the rightful person.

Q. How has integration of ATS and Square 9 helped streamline productivity?

ATS. Our clients’ entire organization has benefitted from using GlobalSearch integrated with OpenOne. They have stated that Document Management is just as important to their organization as our software! Each department has the ability to scan and index documents directly from ATS to GlobalSearch and then retrieve them without having to toggle between multiple applications.

Q. Would you recommend working with Square 9 Softworks?

ATS. We would absolutely recommend Square 9. The Square 9 team is always willing to assist with enhancing the integration process in order to enable seamless updates to our system and they are always available to help with any questions or tasks we throw their way. We would also recommend Square 9’s solutions suite simply for the ease of use aspects of the software as well as the highest level of support offered by their team members.