Eliminate the Trauma of Medical Payments with GlobalSearch®

Industry: Medical Billing Services

Company: Accurate Professional Billing

Departments Impacted: Compliance, Accounting and Administration

Featured Products: GlobalSearch

Objective: Streamline the storage and retrieval of documents, while minimizing billing errors, with a user-friendly and customizable system that can be easily accessible company-wide

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ECM Software for Medical Industry

For physician offices large and small, managing the medical billing of every patient can be a daunting task. Consequently, many practices are saving time, money and resources by outsourcing their billing responsibilities to Accurate Professional Billing. Located just outside of Trenton, New Jersey, Accurate Professional Billing (APB) provides medical billing services for healthcare providers of various specialties. APB eliminates the burden of managing patient financials so that physicians can fully focus on providing proper healthcare.

“In our line of work, we reference previously processed paperwork constantly,” explained Katie Martinez, Office Manager of Accurate Professional Billing. “This would involve physically going to our storage facility and searching through the files until we accessed the appropriate documents.” A time-consuming and inefficient process, Accurate Professional Billing began searching for a solution to streamline the retrieval of stored information, in a moment’s notice.

“When we first started looking for a Document Management system we estimated that we would be scanning approximately 10,000 individual sheets per week,” said Martinez. Capacity was a major factor in APB’s search for a solution, but it wasn’t the only one. With 30 employees retrieving 20 files a day, accessibility and convenience were significantly important. “We were looking for an extremely user-friendly product, that was easy to use and easy to navigate,” Martinez continued.

After researching a variety of options, APB found the perfect Document Management system to fit their needs. Today, Accurate Professional Billing stays on top of all transactions with help from GlobalSearch Document Management.

“We chose GlobalSearch over the competition primarily because of the layout – it was very user friendly. We didn’t want a complicated program that was excessively stocked with features. GlobalSearch offers a lot of functions that we don’t necessarily use, but that doesn’t prevent us from customizing it to our needs. Other programs we looked at made tasks needlessly difficult, even on a basic level.” With customizable user-permissions and built-in document history, the highly secure GlobalSearch database allows APB to stay compliant with HIPPA regulations to ensure the privacy of individual health records.

Accurate Professional Billing implemented GlobalSearch in 2008 and has been using it ever since. Importing over 50,000 new sheets every year has saved the billing company from consuming office space for storage. “The loss of paperwork has drastically decreased since we put the GlobalSearch system in place,” Martinez continued. “Previously we would physically file and store all company documents in a storage facility, but now all pertinent paperwork is scanned directly into the GlobalSearch database. We recreated our file system electronically through GlobalSearch and it has been a major improvement.”

A major factor to APB’s method of operation, in order to receive the proper payment for healthcare services, APB must constantly follow up on claims with health insurance companies. GlobalSearch has greatly helped Accurate Professional Billing to ensure claims are accurately submitted in a timely manner. “One of our primary goals with GlobalSearch was to create a system that minimized errors,” explained Martinez. “Previously, we had to devote an entire department of people to manage documents and oversee all checks and balances. But GlobalSearch allows us to view documents in a matter of seconds, right on our individual desktops.”

GlobalSearch’s built in document workflow module, GlobalAction, is also valuable in helping Martinez and her team streamline access to critical documentation. “Once a document completes its course, having been processed through all departments, we are much more efficient with its retrieval. This is very beneficial because we are constantly referencing paperwork not only to minimize errors but also for training purposes.” Retrieving information previously took minutes, but with GlobalSearch documents are accessed within a matter of seconds.

Employees of Accurate Professional Billing must endure thorough training so that they are well-equipped to properly submit medical claims. GlobalSearch provides an organized platform to improve demonstrations of billing processes so that APB can continue to provide professional assistance with patient, physician and insurance billing issues. “Every single person in our organization uses GlobalSearch and we are definitely planning on adding different documents to GlobalSearch in the future,” said Martinez. “Currently, we are only scanning one portion of our paperwork, but we could easily double or triple the amount of documents scanned by adding additional departments to the system.”

The customizable GlobalSearch solution also helps APB to ensure proper billing compliance. As Medicare, Medicaid and third party insurance providers change their healthcare policies, Accurate Professional Billing can immediately apply those changes to their internal processes without disturbing their Document Management routine.

Thrilled with its performance, Martinez stated, “We would definitely recommend GlobalSearch for a number of reasons. Every single person we have been in contact with at Square 9 has been extremely helpful, courteous and patient. When we first implemented GlobalSearch, our questions were carefully answered so that we felt comfortable and confident that we understood the software. The system itself is very easy to use and convenient. It is fully customizable to suit our own specific needs and it can be used as a basic Document Management system or a more detailed one. Out of the programs we saw, GlobalSearch was the best option for Accurate Professional Billing.”

The specialists at APB use the very best in technology to ensure physician offices are delivered with stress-free management of patient financials. To learn more about Accurate Professional Billing, Katie Martinez can be reached at (609)298-1844 or via email at kmartinezapb@gmail.com.

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