Square 9 non-profit case study

GlobalSearch Serves Multiple Needs for an Ambitious Non-Profit

Meet Volunteers of America North Louisiana

 For over 85 years, Volunteers of America North Louisiana has provided an array of programs serving those intellectually or physically disabled, veterans, seniors, families, and children in northwest and central Louisiana. As a faith based non-profit organization, they have created a community where all people have opportunity, dignity, and success. The agency has grown through the years and provides close to 40 different programs and services to over 8,000 people in need. To support their services, they have approximately 400 employees and volunteers across departments and in multiple locations.


The current document management system was constrained in use to only the Accounting department and just the accounts payable team. It was both difficult to learn and implement. Most often when a change was made, something else within the system would break. To compound matters, the solution provider’s tech support was very limited with long wait times, often many days. They needed to find a more robust and scalable solution with a team that would support them as they made the change.

Solution: GlobalSearch

With continuous support from Square 9, Volunteers of America North Louisiana easily transitioned to GlobalSearch beginning with the Accounts Payable workflow. With the initial workflow in place, Godinez and the rest of Volunteers of America North Louisiana realized there were many other areas of the organization where they could utilize GlobalSearch.

We quickly learned the sky’s the limit with GlobalSearch. Our maintenance department needed a solution that tracked work orders in real time, that was easy to learn and easy to access
Melissa Godinez, Director of Technology and Strategic Operations


GlobalSearch offered a solution that could be rolled out quickly and utilized in a variety of departments making it a cost-effective answer to multiple needs and solving many more pain points than the previous system. It was easy to implement and easy to learn even for those employees not in the IT department. The Square 9 training classes, knowledge base and documentation, and support team helped.

“The education courses are great. I go back to my class notes all the time. Square 9 offers the most robust training, help desk support and they even allow me to bounce ideas off the team.”
Melissa Godinez


GlobalSearch has captured approximately 2,000 work orders in just seven months. Along with rolling out GlobalSearch to the maintenance department, they have also utilized it in education by supplying parents with a QR code for easy sign-up to their after-care program.

Most recently, the solution was used with case managers across all departments to document client needs in a central location. Rolling out a quick assessment through GlobalSearch helped the organization see what and where the different requests were, allowing Volunteers of America North Louisiana to be prepared as funding became available so they could rapidly respond to those in need of their services.

Overall, GlobalSearch has enhanced communication throughout Volunteers of America North Louisiana and given different departments and management real-time access into documented client needs and the ability to quickly respond to those needs.