After an Unpredictable Storm, Kenney Manufacturing Finds Relief with GlobalSearch Document Management

Document Management for Manufacturing

Making your house a home for over 100 years, Rhode Island based Kenney Manufacturing Company is dedicated to creating affordable home products that inspire creativity. From bath to storage and window hardware, Kenney produces high-quality products that embrace innovation and technology. With Kenney, your home hardware is guaranteed to be modern, value-driven, and highly functional.

But one thing Kenney couldn’t guarantee was the safeguarding of their business-critical documents. Although they took the proper measures to ensure documents were secure, they could not predict the damage of mother nature. After a large tree crashed into their IT room during a storm, Kenney’s document management servers were permanently damaged, setting the company back and causing them to seek a new document management option.

With disaster recovery planning a main focus in their solution search, Kenney was introduced to the award-winning GlobalSearch enterprise content management software from Square 9. During the initial setup of GlobalSearch, Kenney was provided with a key person to customize their digital document repository, from a unique folder structure to daily processing specifications. One of the folders was designed to automatically separate the documents into single files when scanned in. This was particularly helpful for Kenney’s Accounts Receivable department, which uses GlobalSearch daily to scan and index documents including BOLs, invoices, and credit memos, helping them to stay on top of payments and month end reporting like never before.

GlobalSearch ensures payments are received for timely deliveries while also streamlining the processing of cash applications and credit/debit offsets in a digital landscape. Now Kenney no longer prints, saving them ink and paper costs, while also supporting the company’s paperless initiatives. Now they simply upload and create backup documentation directly into the digital document management platform, which has in turn saved them time making scans and photocopies.

Best of all, the GlobalSearch solution is extremely user-friendly, allowing Kenney staff to index documents accurately and quickly. GlobalSearch has saved them about an hour a day for processing the BOLs, plus an hour a day for cash applications, equating to about 520 hours a year! Staff no longer prints any of the remittances, saving them tedious paperwork tasks while helping Kenney accomplish their goals of a more efficient work environment with a reduced reliance on paper.

Disasters happen, and they’re also impossible to predict. But with GlobalSearch, Kenney can rest assured that their company is protected. GlobalSearch has provided Kenney with flexible data protection and a cost-effective strategy for business continuity – for the next 100 years and beyond.

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Interview: Medgine Stanley, Accounts Receivable Supervisor, Kenney Manufacturing Company

Q. What criteria did you have in mind when searching for a Document Management solution?

Medgine Stanley: Well, we suddenly needed a solution after a storm caused damage to our building. A large tree crashed directly into our Server/IT room. After a disaster like that, you simply cannot risk it happening again. So, we were influenced to look for a paperless solution, specifically, a digital document management software. We chose GlobalSearch from Square 9 for its ease of use. We also wanted something that was customizable for our unique processes. Now with GlobalSearch, we are able to index documents accurately and quickly to accomplish our daily document-driven tasks with greater efficiency.

Q. How is your company leveraging GlobalSearch and which departments are using it daily?

Stanley: Currently, we are mainly using GlobalSearch in our Accounts Receivables department, but we are also looking to expand it into Human Resources. In AR we upload, scan and index BOLs, invoices, and credit memos, streamlining our management of payments and month end reporting. We use GlobalSearch to scan and index daily and monthly documents. I use the solution every day when I do my cash application and credit/debit offsets. We chose GlobalSearch based on our specific needs and wants in Accounting and it has truly delivered.

Q. How has GlobalSearch document management software positively made an impact on your business?

Stanley: We are currently implementing a paperless initiative, and we use GlobalSearch to upload all the supporting backup and documentation. We no longer print, and we truly try our best to avoid it. We no longer need to store physical documents and have experienced savings in paper and printer costs. We have found time is being saved from having to scan the documents – instead we upload and create files directly within GlobalSearch. We have saved about an hour a day for the BOLs, plus about an hour a day for cash applications and we no longer print any of the remittances. In addition, Accounting tasks are completed at a faster rate and employee time has been repurposed for more useful tasks.

Q. Would you recommend Square 9’s solutions and why?

Stanley: I would absolutely recommend GlobalSearch – it has saved me time and I have found that with my paperless initiative, it has been easier to work toward my goals. During the initial set up we were provided with a key person to customize GlobalSearch folders to my specifications, which has helped tremendously for my daily tasks. One of the folders that was created automatically separates the documents into single files when scanned into that specific folder, which has been a huge timesaver. We look forward to having GlobalSearch in our Human Resources department, and we believe Square 9’s GlobalCapture solution will help tremendously as well.