Tax Compliance Firm Files Faster With GlobalCapture

Industry: Tax Compliance

Company: IntraVAT

Departments Impacted: Operations

Featured Products: GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture

Objective: Urgently implement a more effective and secure Capture and ECM system to recover from a cyber attack.

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Meet IntraVAT

IntraVAT is a small subsidiary of the LEMAN transportation group working in the field of VAT compliance. IntraVAT files value added tax returns for businesses based out of European countries i.e. Denmark, Norway, Germany, and the U.K. and has subsidiaries in Norway, UK, Finland, and Sweden


IntraVAT’s digital transformation did not begin with Square 9. According to Linda-Sophia Danielsen, IntraVAT’s CEO, the company had been using a combination of systems to capture and store documents and pull valuable information, but this combination came with a number of setbacks.

“[The document capture solution] we were using previously was only 50% accurate, so we spent a lot of time putting numbers into the system that should have been lifted.”

This, combined with a cyber-attack that backlogged 70,000 pages of documents led IntraVAT to search for better options.


IntraVAT entertained five solutions working closely with Selectec, a business systems reseller to find the right solution. IntraVAT decided on GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture from Square 9, because of its ease of use and modular pricing, allowing you to only pay for the solutions you need. The project began in June 2020, including 20 company invoice templates and a full document archive, and was completed by January 1st, 2021. Danielsen was impressed with how quickly the solution was implemented stating,

“We had very little time to get the system up and running due to the cyber-attack, so it was very admirable. Especially with COVID and Selectec being based in the U.K. everything was just running so smoothly.”


According to Danielsen, GlobalCapture and GlobalSearch not only met the needs formerly spread between 3 solutions, it also increased data capture accuracy from 50% to 90%. As expected IntraVAT benefited greatly from the software’s ease of use and pricing model which was further bolstered by GlobalCapture’s uncapped page limit and its option to purchase temporary processing cores for busy periods. As Danielsen put it,

“Usually you pay per page, which makes a very big difference for us because we scan 3000 pages per day.”


Today, IntraVAT has expanded GlobalCapture to include 120 document templates and uses them for clients in Norway, Switzerland, and the U.K. The company also has plans to purchase GlobalForms, Square 9’s web forms solution, to help comply with the new and upcoming VAT return format and to streamline their VAT application processes. When asked if she would recommend Square 9, Danielsen said,

“I would recommend it anytime. I already recommended it to other companies within the Leman group.”

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