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Healthcare Management Professionals Aid Document Processing Pains with GlobalSearch®

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Since 2007, Vantage Clinical Solutions has operated with the purpose to better the healthcare industry by providing smart management systems, solid business knowledge and support with the launch of innovative healthcare endeavors. Vantage provides revenue cycle management solutions for processes involving submitting claims, receiving payments, sending statements and working with insurance companies to get claims paid. By helping clinicians think and act like entrepreneurs, Vantage has expanded approximately 25% over the last year and is still growing.

It is this focus on entrepreneurship that makes Vantage unique and favorable to work with. As the company continues to experience growth, they’ve realized the importance of document management for business efficiency and have centered their attention towards maintaining the proper control of document data.

In a paper environment, Vantage was unable to track who was handling a document at a given point in time, while lacking the ability to monitor processing speeds. Additionally, its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Accounting departments were in need of a way to quickly access specific data from within the body of tens of thousands of documents at any point in time.

When searching for a software solution, Vantage wanted one that was powerful. Strong support from the developer was required, along with the ability to tap into the back end data source for custom reporting. Vantage Clinical Solutions found the help they needed in the GlobalSearch Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software from Square 9® Softworks. GlobalSearch proved to be the best document management choice for Vantage, because of its seamless scalability as GlobalSearch can be built over time. Beyond feature functionality, GlobalSearch met the usability criteria that Vantage needed, while offering a value-driven price point in comparison to the competition.

Vantage originally implemented GlobalSearch in 2013 to help route documents based on key pieces of data, utilizing its workflow capabilities from document capture to archival. With about 40 active workflows, documents are accurately routed through two staging and quality check archives before being managed by the RCM team. Square 9’s Image XChange content search module has also enabled Vantage employees to retrieve files instantly, even when working outside of the GlobalSearch platform. This in return, has greatly improved client responsiveness and output. Documents are moved twice as fast with GlobalSearch, as speed and reliability have increased immensely.

GlobalSearch is now used to manage all of the documents that enter the Vantage facility. Mail, faxes and cloud uploads by clientele are automatically converted into PDF files within the GlobalSearch system, before entering a general routing process where each document is archived to the necessary folder and securely stored for regulatory compliance. With their recent expansion to a new office space, GlobalSearch not only has helped Vantage better manage their documents, the solution has adapted and grown with their business.

By leveraging the power of GlobalSearch’s web capabilities, Vantage has cut paper processing by at least 90%, increasing the productivity levels of staff significantly. Their boost in business efficiency has led Vantage to begin providing access to their clients to documents that have completed processing. Vantage has experienced such great success with GlobalSearch that they have begun migrating to Square 9’s GlobalAction® Business Process Management engine, the next-generation solution for workflow automation.

A powerful core product for companies of any size, GlobalSearch continues to support Vantage in its exponential growth. Pleased with the ongoing success of the solution, Vantage recommends GlobalSearch and Square 9 to businesses experiencing inefficiencies in document processing.

Interview: Tannus Quatre, President and CEO, Vantage Clinical Solutions

Q. What business challenges led you to discover GlobalSearch?

Tannus Quatre: As the president and CEO of Vantage Clinical Solutions, I need to be able to properly manage all of our documentation. In the paper environment we were in, we lacked the ability to centrally track which business function was handling a document at a given point in time and we had no way to monitor processing speed. I was unable to answer questions like, “What is the average age of a document in our system?” and “Are we processing documents faster or slower this week compared to last?” This issue led me to seek a robust solution that I could scale over time and was simple enough that it could be administered from within the company.

The GlobalSearch product is very strong and can work for companies of any size. Square 9 is a good company who values excellent customer service and the Encompass Conference last year was the perfect place to learn that. It provided good insight into the growth, culture, and vision of this company and it had a significant impact in our own investment in the product. We have leveraged this product into a core piece of our value proposition as we aspire to be the best in our space.

Q. How have processes changed since implementing GlobalSearch?

Quatre: Square 9’s GlobalSearch solution has greatly helped our Revenue Cycle Management and Accounting departments. We use the software to route payments, correspondence, bills, and contracts throughout our system. With GlobalSearch we now move documents twice as fast as before and the speed and reliability with which we move documents has increased immensely. We’ve managed to stay reliable and efficient as the company has grown.

Q. Which standout features have positively improved business performance?

Quatre: GlobalSearch has helped direct documents to the right place as soon as they enter our system. We are also currently using KeyFree Indexing, Capture Workflow, Document Workflow, GlobalSearch, and Image XChange. One thing we’ve done which has greatly impacted team performance is developed a reporting tool which monitors the performance of documents throughout our system. We have LCD screens in every production office which displays how fast documents are moving through our system. We have about 40 workflows that route documents through two staging and quality check archives into production archives which are then managed by our RCM team. All documents that come into the GlobalSearch system are converted to PDF. This includes all mail, faxes, and cloud uploads by our clientele. Once completed, documents are routed to a “complete” folder by a workflow action and archived.

Q. Do you plan on extending your use of GlobalSearch?

Quatre: We are currently in the process of expanding and adding GlobalAction to our suite of Square 9 products. Since we utilize workflow functionalities and document retrieval so often, we found it would be a great asset to be able to visualize the paths we are sending the documents on. With GlobalAction, it provides us with the modular imagery we need to put us ahead and to shave every possible second off of our processing time.