Document Management Software

Simplify Business Processes with Document Management Solutions

Run your business more efficiently by streamlining the way you manage your documents and data. With document management software you can effortlessly capture, retrieve, and distribute the information you rely on to maintain your daily operations with greater efficiency.

Document Management System Features & Benefits

Whether a large enterprise or small business, our document management tools are equipped with advanced functionality that goes to work for you, helping you reach a level of efficiency that you never knew was possible.

Available Anywhere

From your laptop to your desktop and your smartphone, our document management solution allows you to access your documents at any time through any device. This keeps your team productive and your processes consistent no matter where your work takes you.

Easy Integration

Our document management system can be easily integrated with the programs your company uses most, such as DropBox®, QuickBooks®, Microsoft Dynamics™, Salesforce® and more. You can even integrate with your multi-functional printer for effortless data capture and retrieval.

Advanced Security

Our document management system is equipped with top security features, such as monitored document access and audit trail logs to help you track who is looking at each document and when. Easily export information when necessary for effortless audits.

Online Forms

Replace your reliance on paper and improve efficiency by creating custom digital forms that send data directly to our web-based document management system. With web forms, you can collect data faster and ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Enhanced Functionality

From automated document capture to process workflow maps, our document management software is equipped with all of the features you need to bring your level of business efficiency to new heights.

How Document Management Software Works

Our document management solutions were built to improve the efficiency of your specific business, and they can be customized to meet the unique needs of your company. Document management software can go to work for you in a variety of ways to improve all aspects of your business.

  • Document Management Data Protection

    Protect Data

    With its ironclad security features, our document management tools will help you enhance document security, ensure compliance, and make sure there is no unauthorized access.

  • Cloud Document Management

    Increase Profits

    When you eliminate the need for paper documents, you can save the expense of the paper, ink, printer maintenance and off-site storage, while also cutting back on your labor needs.

  • Improve Access With Document Management

    Improve Access

    With our document management tools, you can make sure the appropriate employees have access to the documents they need, no matter where they are. The access is instant and the location is central, so you never have to worry about halts in business productivity.

  • Automate Document Workflow

    Automate Workflow

    Easily define your document workflow and create automated processes that reiterate your businesses rules and reinforce your schedules.

  • Document Management Collaboration

    Expand Collaboration

    With our browser-based document management system, it is effortless to collaborate across the office or across the globe. Get document reviews and approvals from anywhere to improve your team’s activity levels.

  • Document Management Policies

    Emphasize Policy

    With the ability to enforce policies and procedures, our document management system helps you keep your company compliant with mandatory industry regulations.

  • Distributed Document Management System

    Distribute Data

    Whether you want to share data that you extracted from your documents or you want to create a central portal for people to access your content, our document management system makes it easier than ever to distribute your company’s important information.

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What Makes Our Document Management System Different?

From effortless collaboration and improved productivity to business continuity and ensured compliance, our document management solution is a simple way to save money and time to see your business flourish.

  • Square 9 ECMScalableNo matter how big your company is, or how much you grow, we offer a document management solution for everyone. And as your needs change, so can your document management solution with add on features and functionality.
  • Square 9 ECMPowerfulWith full integration options, automated processes, online storage, and compliance checks along the way, our document management tools will bring your business to new heights.
  • Square 9 ECMIntuitiveOur web-based document management system is simple to navigate, and it can be customized to fit your unique needs. Its intuitiveness reduces the need for in-depth training so you can put the system to use quickly.
  • Square 9 ECMAccessibleFrom a smartphone or a tablet, to a laptop or a desktop, when you integrate our document management system into your business workflow, you can securely access your documents from the office, at home, or on the go!