File XChange Video Series

This six part video series offers a look into Square 9’s latest release of GlobalSearch, focusing on the most exciting new feature, File XChange. Users can now search, view, open, edit, and add documents seamlessly in any business application through the combined power of GlobalSearch and the Windows File System. Each video provides an introductory look into the setup, use, and best practices for working with the all new File XChange.

Section 1: Introduction to File XChange

Get a basic understanding and overview of what File XChange is and how it works.

Section 2: Install and Configure File XChange

Learn how to install File XChange onto your local machine and configure at least one File XChange drive.

Section 3: Access and Search File XChange Drives

Learn how to access a File XChange drive and run searches to find your documents stored in GlobalSearch.

Section 4: Open and Edit Documents Within File XChange

Learn how to open, view, edit, and save changes to documents directly from File XChange or their native application (Word, Excel, Adobe, etc).

Section 5: Capture and Index New Documents into GlobalSearch

Learn how to drag and drop, cut, copy, paste, and use the ‘Save As’ function to index a document into GlobalSearch, from any application.

Section 6: GlobalSearch Permissions for Using File XChange

Learn about security levels and the GlobalSearch permissions a user needs to take advantage of File XChange’s functionality.