Certified GlobalCapture Convey - Video Series

Welcome to the Square 9 Educational Series for GlobalCapture Convey. This fast moving video series is designed for customers and Resellers who intend to design and manage their own capture workflow processes through GlobalCapture Convey.

Each session detailed below builds upon the previous, allowing you to create increasingly powerful Workflows for streamlining your office document processes. We suggest viewing these tutorials in sequence in order to optimize your knowledge of GlobalCapture Convey.

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Session 1

Introduction to GlobalCapture Convey – In this session, we begin the education process by introducing you to GlobalCapture Convey including its system architecture, user and feature license options, and basic terminology for understanding how to navigate through the system. Time: 11:01

Session 2

Accessing GlobalCapture Convey – In Session 2 we review how to access Convey including a tour of the Homepage and Workflow design interfaces. Also covered are definitions of the various workflow activity Nodes, key facts about Convey and an introduction to best practices. Time: 12:45

Session 3

Workflow 1: Simple Document Capture – Session 3 introduces you to the concepts of Workflows in Convey by building a simple document capture process. In this session we use Nodes to import a batch of documents, separate them into individual records, convert the records to TIF images, apply Image Cleanup, and release them to the Windows file system. Time: 23:36

Session 4

Introducing Process Fields – In Session 4 we introduce the concept of Process Fields including what they are, how to create them, and how this powerful aspect of GlobalCapture Convey can be leveraged within a Workflow process. Time: 7:18

Session 5

Workflow 2: Capturing and Exporting Data and Documents – In Session 5 we begin to explore data extraction and how to share that data with other applications. A more advanced Workflow is created including the import of a file using its filename to extract data. We also apply a Condition within the Workflow, send an email to notify a user of a document’s arrival, and validate the quality of extracted data. Also covered in this session is automating page deletion within a Workflow process, how to release the data file, and how to notate the details of your project. Finally, we demonstrate creating a Windows folder structure on the fly by using Square 9 Notation and the Release Node. Time: 21:11

Session 6

Introduction to the Batch Manager and Validation Station – Session 6 expands on the data capture concept by introducing how document imports are handled through the use of the GlobalCapture Convey Batch Manager. Along with the concept of batch imports, we review how error handling is managed through the use of the Convey Validation Station. Time: 16:05

Session 7

Introducing Template Based Extraction – In Session 7 we introduce the use of Templates for both Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Barcode Recognition (BCR). An overview of Template design is reviewed including the use of Marker Zones for anchoring a Template to prevent image shift, and Positional Zones for extracting information based on its location within a document. Time: 24:55

Session 8

Workflow 3: Capturing and Classifying Documents With Templates – Session 8 demonstrates how to build a Workflow that automatically classifies documents and extracts data through the use of Templates. Validated records are passed through the system for release while the concept of data validation and error corrections through KeyFree Indexing are explored in more detail. Time: 13:15

Session 9

Workflow 4: Training Your System with Rapid Adapt Forms Learning – In Session 9 we modify the previous Document Classification Workflow process to demonstrate how users can use Rapid Adapt Forms. As a wizard driven interface, Rapid Adapt Forms Learning easily allows users to train the system to recognize new documents that have not been previously templated for classification or extraction. Time: 13:23

Session 10

Document Scanning and Import Options – Session 10 introduces GlobalCapture Convey’s web-based Scan Station through a brief tour of the interface along with a demonstration on scanning documents directly into a Workflow. In addition, we will review optional import capabilities including email importing and the importing of documents from Square 9’s solution for web-based forms, GlobalForms. Time: 9:45

Session 11

Management Configuration – In our final session we review the Convey management interface including the creation and management of multiple Batch Portals, license allocation, and product registration. We conclude the GlobalCapture Convey series with a number of best practices to maximize Workflow efficiency. Time: 17:34


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