Document Management Software for Finance

Eliminate the Inaccuracies of Physically Managing Financial Data

GlobalSearch Document Management Software allows financial institutions to store, manage and collaborate on documents electronically, without the hassle of inefficient paper-based processes.

Document Management Gives Financial Advisors the Ability To:

  • Square 9 ECMSecurelystore all financial documents with a proven disaster recovery backup solution
  • Square 9 ECMReducetime spent retrieving documents with immediate search results based on keywords
  • Square 9 ECMEliminateunnecessary, inaccurate and redundant financial data entry and streamline overall operations
  • Square 9 ECMManagethe flow of financial information to ensure proper organization company-wide
  • Square 9 ECMImproveaccuracy on approvals with streamlined routing to the appropriate department managers

Case Study

GlobalSearch Document Management Software Subtracts Bulky Paper Documents for Accounting Firm

“Since transitioning to GlobalSearch we no longer keep paper copies. GlobalSearch has eliminated about 90 percent of our firm’s stored paper and 100 percent of our offsite storage facilities. We found GlobalSearch to be an affordable, easy to use and extremely reliable solution. It completely eliminated the problems we had been encountering. We were pleased that the transition to GlobalSearch went so smoothly and delighted to find that GlobalSearch is easy to learn, too.”

Sue DeVaughn
Office Manager, Custom Professional Accounting
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How is GlobalSearch ECM Used by Financial Firms?

  • Document Management SoftwareBalance Sheets
  • Document Management SoftwareCash Flow Statements
  • Document Management SoftwareAccounts Payables / Receivables
  • Document Management SoftwareGeneral Ledger
  • Document Management SoftwareIncome Statements
  • Document Management SoftwareEquity Statements