Document Management Software for Government

Improve Information Management with Reduced Reliance on Paper

GlobalSearch Enterprise Content Management software enables government agencies to better serve constituents’ needs with immediate and accurate access to information.

Document Management Software Gives Agencies the Ability To:

  • Square 9 ECMSearchquickly and easily for government documents, allowing for immediate response to public inquiries
  • Square 9 ECMSavethe time and frustration of managing bulky documents
  • Square 9 ECMDecreaseadministrative labor costs by eliminating manual data entry and paper-based filing systems
  • Square 9 ECMAutomatethe routing of internal records and enforce proper document retention mandates
  • Square 9 ECMOrganizeproperty and town clerk records efficiently
  • Square 9 ECMManagelocal town and city tax records for easy information

Case Study

Town Votes for GlobalSearch Document Management Software

“I estimate that GlobalSearch document management software has saved me 15 hours each week that I can now devote to other town business, which equates to a more than 35% gain in my personal productivity. I am really pleased to have found GlobalSearch ECM. I would recommend it to any organization or person who wants to save time and avoid frustration managing documents.”

Susan Griggs
Town Clerk, Town of Centerville
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How is GlobalSearch ECM Used for Government Entities?

  • Document Management SoftwarePolice Reports
  • Document Management SoftwareTax Information
  • Document Management SoftwareCourt Records
  • Document Management SoftwarePostal Address Information
  • Document Management SoftwareVital Records
  • Document Management SoftwareProperty Records
  • Document Management SoftwareVoting Records
  • Document Management SoftwareTown Clerk Records