Advanced OCR Software

Optical Character Recognition Converts Your Data Into High Value Information

With advanced OCR software you can improve the way you access your business information by bringing documents and their data to life.

Discover Innovative OCR Software

When deciding which optical character recognition software to use for your paper-to-digital data extraction, you will want to make sure the solution you choose meets all of your business needs.

Volume of Documents

Take a look at your manual data entry processes and how many documents you’re handling. By understanding the volume of documents your company manages on a daily basis, you can ensure you choose a software solution that can keep up.

Speed of Processing

Are you dealing with time-sensitive materials or require quick turnarounds on a day-to-day basis? Identifying how quickly you need to access your documents will help to create efficient workflow processes within your organization.

Level of Efficiency

Do you want to convert all your paper processes into streamlined digital workflows? Or would you rather have a gradual transition process? Evaluate what needs to be converted and how quickly. Our scalable OCR solutions can be tailored to meet the unique goals of your organization.

Ability to Automate

Does your company want to quickly and easily work with data from paper invoices, financial reports, and more? Feed digitized information from documents into your business applications for improved productivity across departments.

Improve Efficiency with OCR Software

Whether you process a small number of documents or hundreds of thousands in a week, Square 9 has the OCR solutions for your efficiency level.

  • Square 9 ECMLow-Volume ApplicationsKeyFree Indexing - our OCR assisted data extraction tool – is a simple, yet powerful approach to eliminate errors from manual data entry while improving accuracy. This is typically used for lower volume applications of 200 records per week or less.
  • Square 9 ECMHigh-Volume ApplicationsPositional Based OCR Processing, used for higher volume environments, can help to accurately extract information in certain areas on a page. With the use of Marker Zones, the accuracy of the OCR fields is enhanced so attributes within the template are easily defined and classified.
  • Square 9 ECMUnique Structure or LayoutsDo you have documents with different layouts that lack a common template structure? With OCR software and its Directional, Pattern Matching, Repeating and Database Lookup zones, data extraction can be done effortlessly, regardless of the format of the document.