Improve Information Management in Higher Education with New Guide from Square 9

Guide Offers Universities and Colleges Alike Key Strategies and Insights for Enhanced Security, Information Access, and Efficiency

New Haven, CT. May 22, 2024Square 9 Softworks, a leading provider of AI-powered Intelligent Information Management solutions, has recently published an all-new expert guide on intelligent information management in higher education. This guide, The Future of Higher Education: Your Guide to Efficient Information Management, aims to provide colleges and universities with key insights, strategies, and information on how to best automate processes and streamline information access across their institution.

Intelligent information management involves a set of solutions and processes that enables companies, non-profits, and institutions to organize, manage, understand, and control the flow of information across their departments and members.

By helping colleges and universities close information silos across various departments, meet security challenges amidst rising ransomware attacks, manage compliance requirements with much-needed information, and streamline enrollment processes to attract top talent, intelligent information management solutions offer higher education the opportunity for a more communicative, efficient, and informed campus.

“Colleges and universities are dedicated to fostering ideal environments for learning and innovation, but without a proper system, this can often come at the price of efficiency,” says Steve Young, Square 9’s president and CEO. “This guide aims to help these institutions narrow down a solution to this challenge that meets their unique needs.”

In addition to guiding those researching intelligent information management in the higher education space, Square 9 has also created expert guides for K-12 education document management, enterprise content management, accounts payable automation, optical character recognition, and human resources departments looking to transform how they manage their information.

Find out more about Square 9’s expert guide to intelligent information management in higher education at:

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