New Square 9 Integration Brings Information Together for a More Informed, Connected Organization

GlobalAutomation for QuickBooks Online Eliminates Data Entry with AI and Expands Automation

New Haven, CT. June 4, 2024Square 9 Softworks, a leading provider of AI-powered Intelligent Information Management solutions, has recently announced a new integration, GlobalAutomation for QuickBooks Online. This integration is poised to heighten communication between Square 9 and QuickBooks’ cloud solutions, leveraging the latest advancements in AI and machine learning capture technology to eliminate data entry and provide new opportunities for automation.

As an application-level integration, GlobalAutomation for QuickBooks Online offers additional functionality beyond a mere exchange of data. This includes vendor onboarding automation, Invoice approval routing, and payable invoice creation. By combining one of the world’s most used accounting platforms with award-winning capture, workflow functionality, and ECM from Square 9, this integration expands the capabilities of QuickBooks Online to address countless accounts payable challenges  more effectively.

“The inherent value provided with this integration is substantial,” says Square 9 President and CEO Steve Young. “Square 9 has provided a strong return on investment to accounts payable customers and users of QuickBooks local application for many years. This integration further expands that return for those using QuickBooks Online through the native iPaaS capabilities our platform offers.”

To find out more about how Square 9 is helping QuickBooks Online customers increase efficiency, reduce errors, and gain more visibility over their information, visit the GlobalAutomation for QuickBooks Online release page.

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