Square 9 Enters Valentine’s Day with ‘Most Loved’ Award from TrustRadius

New Haven, CT. February 13, 2024Square 9 Softworks, a leading provider of AI-powered Intelligent Information Management solutions, is feeling the love this Valentine’s Day as a winner of TrustRadius’ Most Loved award. This was announced by TrustRadius as a Valentine’s Day-themed form of recognition based on peer reviews.

The award was earned by 101 products on TrustRadius out of a pool of 28,600 and was determined using reviews from real solution users. The mentions of love in each review were compared to the total number of reviews for that product.

“There are countless options for buyers searching to enhance their document management solutions. Square 9 Softworks is one of the most loved software products of 2024,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “Square 9 earned a Most Loved Award based directly on feedback from their customers.”

With so many mentions of love, the award also demonstrates the quality of solutions and service that Square 9 continues to provide.

“When someone mentions love in our reviews, it’s typically about a feature, service, or experience that really stood out,” says Stephen Young, Square 9 President and CEO. “To have enough mentions for such an award is a testament to our customers’ strong satisfaction with our offerings, and we appreciate each and every one of them for their continued support and feedback.”

To find out more about Square 9, its offerings, and what real solution users have to say, visit the Square 9 TrustRadius page

About Square 9 Softworks®

Square 9 Softworks is an industry-leading provider of an AI-powered intelligent document processing platform that takes the paper out of work and makes it easier to get things done! With digital workflows that automate many aspects of how you work today, Square 9 makes it easy by extracting information from scans or PDFs, storing documents in searchable archives, and building digital twins of your current processes through graphic workflows. For more information, please visit www.square-9.com.

About TrustRadius

TrustRadius delivers a highly credible platform that empowers technology buyers to confidently make decisions. Using vetted product information and customer-generated content, trust Radius is able to create an impact with real, honest reviews, verifying all submissions in a multi-step process and vetting them for quality, depth, and detail. For more information on TrustRadius, visit https://www.trustradius.com/ 


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