Square 9 Softworks® and Kodak Alaris Announce Scanner Offer

Square 9 Softworks®, a leading provider of award-winning document process automation solutions, has announced a new promotion for customers who purchase directly from Square 9. Beginning September 1st, 2022, the Square 9 National Sales team will be offering a free KODAK S2060w Scanner with the purchase of their popular Digital Transformation Essentials package.

Digital Transformation Essentials is a cloud-packaged solution that includes enterprise content management, advanced document capture, web forms, and workflow automation solutions. The package is designed to help companies easily manage their documents, eliminate tedious data entry, comply with industry regulations, improve customer and business relationships, save time, and reduce costs. Square 9 is an industry-leading provider of cloud-based solutions and regularly updates its cloud subscriptions with new features and improvements. The next major update for GlobalCapture Cloud, for example, is due to feature AI and machine learning for non-templated data extraction.

“The Square 9 team is thrilled to be partnering with Kodak Alaris,” said Stephen Young, President and CEO of Square 9 Softworks. “Ensuring data accuracy from document capture all begins with a quality image, and no one currently excels more at this than Kodak Alaris. We look forward to combining their award-winning imaging technology with our industry-leading digital transformation solutions and Capture AI to provide an experience unlike any other,” said Young.

The KODAK S2060w Scanner offers seamless integration with Square 9’s software as well as an intuitive user display, active feed technology, Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity, embedded image processing, and optical character recognition. In addition, the superior image quality and data accuracy offered by this scanner make it a great choice for loading documents into Square 9’s GlobalSearch ECM solution and for lifting information with Square 9’s GlobalCapture advanced document capture solution, both of which are included in the Digital Transformation Essentials package.

“Many businesses have archives and paper-intensive workflows that need to be digitized,” said Don Lofstrom, President and General Manager at Kodak Alaris. “Through this new partnership with Square 9, businesses can leverage our award-winning data capture solutions along with the industry-leading AI platforms from Square 9 to deliver data directly into business processes. These organizations will be able to quickly access data and use it to make informed decisions that can impact their bottom line.”

To get your free Kodak S2060w Scanner with the purchase of Digital Transformation Essentials, click here

About Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris is a leading provider of enterprise data capture solutions that simplify business processes. Powered by decades of image science innovation, their award-winning scanners, software, and services are available worldwide. For more information, please visit AlarisWorld.com and follow them on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

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About Square 9 Softworks®

As a trendsetting software development firm, Square 9 is a creative force in the next generation of both on-premise and cloud-enabled digital transformation solutions. Intensely customer-focused and highly responsive, Square 9 delivers effective, value-driven solutions and has achieved a reputation for excellence in meeting its customers’ rapidly evolving needs. In addition to GlobalSearch® Cloud, the award-winning Content Management solution platform, Square 9 has been widely recognized for its diverse portfolio of products, including solutions for Document Capture Automation, Business Process Automation, and Web Forms Management. Square 9 Softworks distributes its solutions internationally through a network of highly skilled Channel Resellers from its corporate office in New Haven, Connecticut. www.square-9.com.

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