Square 9 Softworks® Offers Greatly Improved Process Management with GlobalCapture Spring 2023 Release

New Haven, CT. May 24, 2023 – Square 9 Softworks, an award-winning developer of digital solutions for simplifying document-related processes, has announced the latest release of their GlobalCapture document capture automation platform. The result of the release is a fully self-contained capture solution that includes process automation for moving and accessing information in real time when it’s most relevant and most valuable.

With the GlobalCapture Spring 2023 release, Square 9 seeks to build off of this strong foundation by providing tools for increased visibility, reporting, and search capabilities. We provide our users with the insights they need to manage in-flight documents within a live capture process.

The platform’s updated batch manager has received a robust redesign that allows employees to easily view documents assigned to them at a glance, effortlessly search for in-route documents, and automate workflow approvals, regardless of which Square 9 solution (GlobalSearch, GlobalForms, or GlobalCapture) they originated in.

The release also includes a number of behind-the-scenes improvements to help system administrators create more impactful solutions.

“One of the main goals of this release was to make managing capture processes a much simpler experience,” says Stephen Young, President and CEO of Square 9 Softworks. “The updated batch manager plays a large part in achieving this goal, especially with its improved search and amplified reporting capabilities.”

With the GlobalCapture Spring 2023 release, Square 9 continues to demonstrate its commitment to user feedback and its continued dedication to customer innovation. For more information, please visit: info.square-9.com/globalcapture-3.0

About Square 9 Softworks®

At Square 9, we simplify common business tasks with enterprise content management, document capture, web forms, and business process automation tools that can be easily adapted to automate any paper-intensive process. That means you can spend less time on monotonous tasks and more time on growth and innovation. For more information, please visit www.square-9.com.


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