Scanning to the Cloud with DirectConnect

DirectConnect is a new utility that delivers your documents to GlobalSearch C2, our cloud-hosted enterprise content management system from virtually any multifunction printer, multifunction device, network scanner.... Anything else you have that can drop a file somewhere into a folder, DirectConnect will help us seamlessly bring that into GlobalSearch C2.

So what are some of the benefits of DirectConnect? Well, DirectConnect is extremely easy to install. It's a local utility. It sets up a folder structure as we'll see in a moment. It lets us bring documents directly into the cloud really without doing very much configuration. DirectConnect will sync automatically. So as soon as the file shows up in the appropriate folder, it will get noticed, picked up, and brought into the cloud solution automatically. And last but not least, we can really capture from anywhere, so copiers, desktops, scanners, fax machines, even through dragging and dropping into a file folder so long as we can place a file somewhere DirectConnect can pick up, we can bring those automatically into GlobalSearch C2.

So I've got started with my content management solution, but I still have some work to do. I'm working in human resources, so I started to bring in my employee files. You can see I've got a handful for each of my employees. And right now, I'm working on digitizing Maggie May's archives so different folders and physical pieces of paper we have around the office. So I have a lot of options to bring documents into GlobalSearch C2, of course.

I can scan directly into here. I have other options as well but today we're going to use DirectConnect. So what I want to do here is show a quick example of how that would work. So DirectConnect itself is a very simple kind of interface. You can see here it literally lives within my Windows file explorer. I have a folder in the root of my hard drive called DirectConnect and underneath that the name of my database, Brewhaven, in this case, and then below that a human resources folder.

So what's interesting about DirectConnect is it's going to replicate my archive structure within Windows. And it's going to do that enforcing the permissions we have in the rest of the GlobalSearch C2, so I'm a human resources employee, I only got to see these couple of archives here. So underneath there, you can see I have employee record and resumes, the other archives I have access to, and I want to bring something into employee records. Now, we could get documents into here in a variety of different ways. The most common, the most popular, probably the most useful would be to scan from a multifunction device. Anything on my network that I can scan to a folder with will be able to drop documents in here, and they will come automatically into GlobalSearch C2.

To stimulate that process, I'm going to go ahead and just drag and drop. I'll bring the W4 into the folder representing the archive over here. And what's going to happen is DirectConnect is looking at this folder, and in between 1 and 60 seconds from now, we're going to see that document disappear. That's configurable by the way, so depending on my use case, what my business needs to do, we could look every minute. We could look every thousand minutes. It's very configurable in terms of the polling time.

And there we go. The document has disappeared, and now I'm ready to move onto the next step. In the background, again, automatic synchronization that document is going to come up to GlobalSearch C2 and be available on the cloud in just moments. So I'll go ahead and close these folders. I've set up a queue search here, a saved search for new employee records. And when I click on that, I'll be able to see here that I have a new record that's coming. It's been captured by DirectConnect, and all of my index fields are ready for me to fill out.

I have a variety of ways that I can complete that information. I could, of course, edit right here in the grid view. I could drop that information there, but I want to use a couple more useful techniques that are also included with GlobalSearch C2, so it saves me some time. So here's Maggie May's W4. I load it up here in my web browser. I'll scroll down here, and here's her Social Security number which we are also using as her employee ID number. So what I can do here is type in her employee ID number, and then I'm going to use the feature called Data XChange. So what Data XChange is going to do is it'll look at the rest of my information in GlobalSearch C2 and retrieve anything else I know about Maggie May.

So just like that, I have the rest of her information, her name, her start date, her status, whatever else may be relevant to her records. And then I'd simply flag this as a W4, save my changes, and then that document will be back in my archive as a fully indexed document. So DirectConnect brought that document in, Data XChange indexed it for me very easily with pre-existing information in my system, and now I'm ready to go onto the next step, onto the next file, or the next part of my process.

Thank you very much for taking the time to see this demonstration of DirectConnect. Should you want to see a live demonstration or have any questions, please contact us here.

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