What is Document Capture Software? Discover The Art of Capture Automation

Remember Ronald? He's an entrepreneur who invested in enterprise content management software to automate his business processes. Ronald's company has seen rapid growth through the cost savings he found by digitizing his paper-based processes and allowing his employees to work more efficiently.... But now, Ronald's ready to take things to the next level by looking at new ways to stay ahead of the competition. Every day, scanned images, emails, checks, invoices, printed reports, and faxes pour into each department within his business. The documents his business relies on most can take a lot of time to convert into information he can really use. Couldn't all the time, effort, and money required to comb through these documents be spent in ways that will help continue Ronald's business growth?

That's where GlobalCapture document capture automation software, the latest web-based innovation from Square 9 Softworks can help. GlobalCapture automatically classifies, extracts, and validates large volumes of documents, transforming them into high-value information that fuels process automation. The captured data can now be shared with Ronald's other business applications, turning what was once simple information into actionable intelligence. Unlike other document capture solutions, GlobalCapture doesn't affect your efficiency by imposing a page count on capture, allowing it to grow with your business as an affordable and cost-effective solution, without ever limiting your productivity. With GlobalCapture, Ronald has the flexibility to expand his document capture requirements regardless of how big his business gets, and as a web-based solution, he can manage his capture processes from virtually anywhere in the world. That's exactly the type of freedom Ronald needs to compete in a global environment.

Implementing capture automation is just another key to Ronald's success. Makes you wonder what he plans to do next. Square 9 Softworks and GlobalCapture. Simplifying business. Simplifying life.

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