Find Stored Documents Fast with Image XChange

Welcome to the Square 9 Tech Tip on Image XChange, a powerful integration tool that allows users to search for GlobalSearch documents from within any application. One way to use Image XChange is to search with a single word.... Let's say I'm in an ERP. I simply hover over the word for which I want to find documents. In this case, it's a purchase order number and I want to find all associated accounts payable documents in GlobalSearch with the same number. While hovering over the purchase order number, I press a key combination, which I've previously configured, causing Image XChange to look for and display matching documents in GlobalSearch.

As you can see, it's found one purchase order. However, that's not the only result found. Notice, in my drop-down menu, it's also found an invoice and a packing slip. If I click on one of those items, GlobalSearch displays a list of those found documents, and a quick double-click lets me open any found document into the document viewer.

Another way to use Image XChange is to search with multiple words in a defined region. Let's say I'm in a CRM and I want to find GlobalSearch documents related to this contract number. Using a different hotkey combination allows me to lasso my search information. In this example, I'm only grabbing one word, but this feature allows me to lasso multiple words at once. After the search area is selected, Image XChange looks for and displays the matching contract.

The third way to use Image XChange is to simply run the search from anywhere, even the desktop, and enter a search value or values. Using my hotkey combination and entering a customer name returns any documents in my GlobalSearch system pertaining to that information.

Thank you for taking the time to view this Tech Tip. For more information about GlobalSearch, Image XChange, or any other Square 9 solution, please contact us here.

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