ECM Software Technical Video Series

In the following videos, Square 9 Softworks has presented a series of technical guidelines to help users acquire maximum efficiency from managing their documents through GlobalSearch. By highlighting features of security, workflow automation, toolbar tricks and OCR data extraction, Square 9’s Technical Tip Series provides insight to the many capabilities of GlobalSearch. Reviewing these quick document automation videos will ensure a profitable increase in document retention, systematic workflow processes, and overall office productivity.

Direct URL Searches

Learn how to integrate your GlobalSearch installation with any line of business application capable of passing search terms to a web address. Watch the Direct URL Searching Tech Tip now!

Using Search Security to Control Access

Learn how to use security options to control access to documents by specifying which users have permission to view, edit and more.

How to use KeyFree Indexing to populate table fields in GlobalSearch

Learn how to use KeyFree Indexing to populate table fields in GlobalSearch.

GlobalSearch Web Based Administration

GlobalSearch uses the GlobalSearch web portal to enable users to manage all administrative tasks from any internet connected device.

GlobalAction Business Process Management Engine

See the power of the new GlobalAction Business Process Management Engine as you watch the creation of a basic PTO approval process.

Square 9's GlobalCapture bEST Connector

Square 9’s GlobalCapture bEST Connector simplifies capture activities by bringing your business critical documents to the touch panel of your bEST enabled Konica Minolta device.

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