Square 9 GlobalCapture

RapidAdapt® Forms Learning

GlobalCapture® Defines Document Layouts for Limitless Data Extraction

RapidAdapt Forms Learning delivers an easier way to train GlobalCapture to dynamically recognize, classify and extract information from your documents.

The Benefits of RapidAdapt Forms Learning

RapidAdapt Forms Learning addresses the challenge of training the system to handle new document types with an easy to use in line process for quickly managing exceptions to your process.

Minimal Training

Designed with the end user experience in mind, no administrative or IT skills are required for training the system to create new data extraction rules.

Maintains Productivity

As part of an inline activity, RapidAdapt Forms allows users to train the system without ever leaving the capture and validation process.

Rapid Deployment

Quickly add to your collection of OCR extraction projects on the fly, with a highly intuitive wizard style interface for defining data extraction.

Increased Flexibility

New document types not previously seen by the system can be easily accommodated without the time or expense of outside technical assistance.

How it Works

With RapidAdapt Forms Learning, organizations can train their capture automation system to intelligently identify document formats and extract their data through advanced OCR.

  • Classify Documents


    GlobalCapture identifies your documents using format specific “markers” to automatically classify each document type.

  • Square 9 GlobalCapture Extract


    Recognized document formats are transformed by the image processing engine with data being extracted through a positional OCR process.

  • Document Capture Validation


    When GlobalCapture finds an unrecognized document format, the record is sent to the validation station and the assigned user is immediately notified that action is required.

  • GlobalCapture Rapid Adapt Forms


    The user accesses the record where they can create a new template quickly and easily through RapidAdapt Forms’ interface before saving it to the template library.

  • Classify Documents


    Upon completion, the document is re-routed through the classification engine where it and any future instances of this document format will be automatically processed for classification and extraction.