Integrated Document Management Solutions

Streamline Processes and Automate Workflows Between Programs

Integrate your existing business platforms with the full power of Document Management.

Features & Benefits

GlobalSearch makes it easy to manage, streamline and integrate your data, regardless of the business applications you are working in.

Reduce Costs

Reduce significant labor time and costs, including matching and coding invoices

Manage Information

Sync specific data from your CRM platform to manage critical, business specific information

Streamline Processes

Integrated database lookups streamline indexing processes and document retrieval

Easily Integrate

Immediately send documents directly from GlobalSearch to existing programs

Common Business Applications

GlobalSearch has the ability to securely integrate with an extensive list of business applications, office equipment and third-party software, enabling customers to achieve the benefits of a digital business, including rapid results, lower costs and a better customer experience.

Additional Integration

GlobalSearch integrates with an extensive list of business applications and third-party software, enabling customers to easily and securely share data.

  • Square 9 ECMDocuSignWith direct integration between DocuSign and GlobalSearch, users can seamlessly monitor and manage secure digital signing of documents with outside contacts.
  • Square 9 ECMDropboxDirectly export a record and share it with users outside of your organization through the power of Dropbox®. Once collaboration is complete, simply import the final revision back into GlobalSearch for your permanent record to be archived.
  • Square 9 ECMSageSage is one of the most common Accounting solutions that integrates with GlobalSearch at the data level. GlobalSearch AP automation typically is set up as the front end Accounts Payable invoice coding and matching platform, with multi-functioning integration tools.
  • Square 9 ECMTyler TechnologiesBy utilizing KeyFree Indexing, local government locations enable full Accounts Payable automation for their Accounting departments. Invoices are scanned and coded, routed for approval and pushed as a voucher.
  • Square 9 ECMInfor SytelineGlobalSearch integration with Syteline offers a number of tools for data extraction and integration for the manufacturing industry. Purchase order data can be automatically pulled into the associated scanned Accounts Payable invoice, reducing labor costs for matching and coding invoices.
  • Square 9 ECMATSATS and GlobalSearch combine financial, customer information, billing and more into a single fully integrated enterprise content management system for today’s utilities - electric, water, propane, environmental, etc. It lets users scan and view documents with a single click and allows for easy routing of invoices throughout the lifecycle of a document.
  • Square 9 ECMMacolaGlobalSearch has been implemented with Macola to focus primarily on Accounts Payable in the food bank, medical and manufacturing industries. GlobalSearch works directly with Macola where invoice and check data is populated into GlobalSearch, then can easily be pulled and used to aid in the indexing process for large batches of documents.
  • Square 9 ECMDelTekDelTek CostPoint offers full multi-functioning invoice processing for pushing and pulling data to and from GlobalSearch. Square 9 Professional Services wrote a custom output format that pushes all of the data to CostPoint and leverages a secure connection to pull and validate data prior to the release.
  • Square 9 ECMPC LawThe PC Law integration allows for database lookup, utilizing client name and item number. GlobalSearch takes the index value entered, quickly stores documents and does real time lookup.
  • Square 9 ECMSAPCentralize the visibility of where documents are in the distribution industry. GlobalSearch pulls vendor names, charts of accounts and their data from SAP’s database. You can then execute automated approval routing, as well as vouchering Accounts Payable invoices.
Featured Case Study:

GlobalSearch® Integrates with OpenOne, Streamlining Capture by Synchronizing Data

ATS was looking to provide customers with an automated solution that allows them to easily store and retrieve documents without having to go back and forth between two systems. Since implementing GlobalSearch Enterprise Content Management, ATS customers have had a 30% increase in productivity.