Microsoft Dynamics® ECM Integration

Eliminate Late Payment Fees and Realize Early Pay Discounts

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with GlobalSearch ECM to provide a fast and easy way to manage accounting documents while streamlining decision making processes.

  • Content Management SoftwareExtract invoice data and automatically push it to a Microsoft Dynamics voucher
  • Content Management SoftwareBind Microsoft Dynamics data to GlobalSearch, synchronizing vendor and general ledger codes
  • Content Management SoftwareAutomate document approval workflows, email notifications and escalation events
  • Content Management SoftwareAccess documents stored in GlobalSearch directly from Microsoft Dynamics screens
  • Content Management SoftwareImplement checks and balances for escalations
  • Content Management SoftwareIncrease information accuracy by eliminating data entry redundancy
  • Content Management SoftwareProve transaction validity with instant access to supporting documents
  • Content Management SoftwareGain immediate and accurate visibility into document approval cycles
  • Content Management SoftwareAvoid administrative hiring by making current staff more efficient
  • Content Management SoftwareEliminate late fees and maximize early pay discounts

How it Works

With GlobalSearch, users can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics and gain immediate access and visibility into document approval cycles.

  • Square 9 GlobalCapture Extract

    Extract Information

    Invoice data such as Vendor ID, Document/Invoice Number, Date, Amount, or line item information can be extracted and stored with the image into the GlobalSearch database.

  • Document Capture Validation


    Ensure Vendor ID and General Ledger (GL) accounts are correct by automatically populating data into GlobalSearch where drop down pick lists are created, allowing users to easily select the appropriate Vendor ID and apply header or line item GL codes.

  • Rapid Adapt Forms Learning

    Database Lookups

    Instead of manually typing all index values, enter one key piece of data such as a PO Number, and GlobalSearch will automatically query Microsoft Dynamics to return all matching index values such as Vendor Name, Invoice Date, Amount and GL codes.

  • Integrated Solutions

    Push Data

    When data is ready for push, such as approval of an invoice in a GlobalSearch workflow, the integration connector will create a new Payables Batch for the completed document(s).

  • Microsoft Dynamics Integration

    Create Vouchers

    A voucher in Microsoft Dynamics is then created for each document transaction pushed from data stored in GlobalSearch, which in return, eliminates manual key entry and produces significant time savings.

  • Document Management Collaboration

    Retrieve & Collaborate

    Initiate document retrieval directly from Microsoft Dynamics using GlobalSearch’s Image XChange, which will extract selected data and pass it to a search. From there, displayed documents can be annotated, signed, shared or pushed to a workflow for instant approval.

  • Download the Microsoft Dynamics Brochure