Capture Integration for Microsoft® Office 365™

GlobalConnections® Drives Intelligence to SharePoint® and OneDrive®

Automatically release captured data and documents directly to the convenience of SharePoint and OneDrive, streamlining the distribution of your business information.

Document Capture Automation to SharePoint and OneDrive

With GlobalCapture, users have the benefit of powerful data extraction tools for automating the capture process.

KeyFree Indexing

Transform your scanned images into intelligent text, allowing users to easily extract and index information by simple point and click.

Barcode Recognition

Optically read a barcode and assign extracted values to a pre-configured field for automated document indexing.

Database Lookups

Based on a key index field, additional data can be populated into your index fields to quickly and accurately file documents.

Advanced OCR Extraction

For more powerful advanced capture, users can leverage unstructured OCR, including zonal, directional, and pattern-matching data extraction.

Key Features & Benefits

As part of Square 9’s document capture automation suite, GlobalConnections streamlines business efficiency through advanced data capture integration.

How it Works

With GlobalConnections, it’s easy to capture documents and their data directly into Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive platforms through simple, mappable processes.

  • Square 9 Web Forms Management


    Capture documents from virtually any source including multifunctional printers, production scanners, email servers, watched network directories or other external data sources.

  • Retrieve Document Management Files


    Information being extracted from a record during the GlobalCapture workflow process can be further used to automate the classification and naming of records within SharePoint and OneDrive, including the filename or folder name where the document will reside.

  • Square 9 GlobalCapture Extract


    Data fields captured and entered into GlobalCapture are passed to their respective fields in SharePoint, as the mapping is preconfigured by the administrator.

  • GlobalCapture Rapid Adapt Forms


    During the capture process, documents are saved and named with data captured in GlobalCapture before automatically storing in SharePoint or OneDrive.

  • Integrated Solutions


    When completed, the document is released to a designated repository which may optionally be a network share, Enterprise Content Management solution or to SharePoint and OneDrive.

  • Download the GlobalConnections Brochure