Why Upgrade?

As a business, it’s likely that you’ve experienced significant changes, from modifications in your work processes to technological advancements that affect the systems you use.

Many organizations are adopting cloud solutions, remote work, or adjusting their on-premise infrastructure to keep up with rapidly changing scenarios. Upgrading may be necessary for reasons such as outdated hardware or operating systems, new requirements, or additional automation and departments. Don’t let your investment go to waste. Upgrade your system and stay ahead of the competition.

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Square 9 Major Releases:



Enterprise Content Management

GlobalSearch Fall 2023

GlobalSearch Go

  • Built on next generation web technology

  • Host thousands of users simultaneously

  • Call on documents with unprecedented speed and simplicity

  • Easy to understand interface in a dashboard presentation

  • Provides the option to provide read-only guest access to documents in a much more efficient way

GlobalSearch Fall 2022

  • Character Field Pattern Formatting(RegEx) 

  • Data Validation - The latest version of GlobalSearch makes it easy to require specific patterns or formats to enter data on a single field.

  • Advanced Links – Field Level URL links, Pass query to 3rd party apps

  • Automatic Data Exchange – Automate manual Indexing

  • Trending Fields – Indexing suggestions

  • Live Fields – field level scripting – Auto calculate fields, look up data, Geo-Location

  • Google Workspace Authentication – Login with your Google account

GlobalSearch Fall 2021

  • CloudBridge for data synchronization for GlobalSearch Cloud environments

GlobalSearch 6.1

  • NEW Identity/Access Manager for 3rd party ID's – MS Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin

  • More options to manage user permissions

  • Group Permissions in user management

  • Browser client "Inbox" similar to desktop client

  • Browser or desktop client for Cloud

GlobalSearch 5.0

  • Redesigned Document Viewer - enhanced user experience while delivering brand new tools for increasing office productivity

  • New tools in viewer – Image Enhancements, reorder pages, Insert/delete/reorder pages

  • Ability to use Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Document Merge from result list

  • Browser based license manager

  • Cloud or On Premise licensing

  • Preconfigured Solutions for AP, HR, Contracts, Tax Compliance

  • Drag and Drop from MS Outlook in Browser Client

  • TLS security

  • Larger upload size

GlobalSearch 4.5

  • Newly Redesigned Browser Client

  • Table display in result list

  • New context menu

  • Fully configurable personalization

  • Tabbed Views -  dynamically group information based on its workflow stage or by whom a task is assigned to

  • Unified, browser-based administration for Capture, Action, and Search and Forms

  • Full audit trail -immediate insight into who viewed, edited, emailed, or moved a document

  • Expanded functionality with GlobalSearch Desktop Extensions – Printer, Scan, Bulk Update, Image XChange, Data Exchange, IO

  • New PDF print driver - print anything from anywhere - directly to GlobalSearch.

Document Capture Automation

GlobalCapture Spring 2023

  • Batch Manager Enhancements - new ways to sort, filter, and view the documents being fed through GlobalCapture

  • New In-Browser Configuration Options- New Capture settings for Optical Character Recognition, Barcode Recognition, and Email

  • Improved Process Management - users can easily spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies while tracking the tasks they need to complete

GlobalCapture Fall 2021

  • GlobalConnect for SharePoint and OneDrive

  • TransformAI – Artificial Intelligence for Invoice capture

GlobalCapture 2.3

  • Multiple Import Nodes -  import files, emails and other documents in one workflow

GlobalCapture 2.2

  • Multiple import nodes per workflow

  • More GlobalForms features

  • PDF Snapshots of forms + browser based mapping

  • New workflow nodes

  • Custom Nodes

  • Improved Performance

  • GlobalAction now part of GlobalCapture

  • Same viewer as in GlobalSearch

  • Hot Keys in viewer

GlobalCapture 2.1

  • GlobalForms 10 now integrated into GlobalCapture

  • Business Process Management added

  • Browser based drag and drop Workflow designer

  • StandAlone or Integrated with GlobalSearch

  • Rapid Adapt Self Training feature

Web Forms Managment

GlobalForms Spring 2022

  • New Human Resources portal

  • New Expense Reports portal

  • Common tasks simplified

  • Task lists - peed up common processes such as form approvals

  • Localization

  • Supports external CSS and JS

  • Image/Logo’s added easily

  • Easier Role Management