Capture API

Capture related API functions


There are 3 license types: Administration, Designer and Validation. Licenses of each type may be allocated to “S9Indivduals”, AD groups and “ADIndividuals” who are AD users not belonging to any AD group with an available license. The total allocation for each license type cannot exceed the licensed quantity.

GetLicenseAllocations: Get array of license allocations

GetLicenseAllocation: Get a single license allocation

PostLicenseAllocation: Create a new license allocation

PutLicenseAllocation: Update the name, count and/or priority of a license allocation

DeleteLicenseAllocation: Delete a license allocation


A set of licenses each allocated from a single group. Expired licenses will be purged according to the value of the “RetentionTime” setting.

GetLicenses: Get array of licenses

GetLicense: Get a single license

PostLicense: Create a new license

PutLicense: Update the expiration date and time of a license

DeleteLicense: Delete a license

Delete List: Delete a list


Calls for the management of the capture field catalog. Use the API’s in this section to automate the creation and / or management of fields between applications.

Get Fields: Retrieve the field catalog

Get Field: Retrieve a field from the catalog

Create Field: Create a new field

Update Field: Update the properties of a field

Delete Field: Delete a field

Get Table Fields: Get a list of table fields

Create Table Field: Create a new table field

Get Table Field: Get specific table field

Update Table Field: Update specific table field

Delete Table Field: Delete a table field

Get Lists: Get a list of lists

Create List: Create a new list

Update List: Update the properties of a list


Calls for the management of workflows.

Get Engines: Get capture engines

Get Workflows: Get all workflows

Get Portal Workflows: Get list of workflows by portal

Get Workflow: Get specific workflow

Post Workflow: Post Workflow

Delete Workflow: Delete a workflow

Get Workflow Node: Get a workflow node


Calls for the management of Batch Manager processes

Get Batch Portals: Get all batch portals

Get Validation Count: Get processes awaiting validation

Get Batches: Get all batches

Create New Process: Creates a new process.

Update Process: Update a process

Get Process: Get a process

Delete Process: Delete a process


Uploading files to Capture API

Post Files: Post files to the API

Post File: Post a file to the API

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