Document Management Software for Education & Schools

Gain Greater Control Over Academic Records

Square 9’s ECM software solutions provide school systems of all sizes with powerful document management tools to eliminate paper storage, streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Document Management Gives Schools the Ability To:

  • Square 9 ECMSecurelystore all documents, including scanned records, emails, MS Office files, PPTs, IEPs and 504 plans
  • Square 9 ECMReducetime spent completing progress reports
  • Square 9 ECMAccessdata from student information systems such as PowerSchool® and eSchoolPlus
  • Square 9 ECMSearchstudent records by name, student number or keyword
  • Square 9 ECMEnsurecompliance with district record retention mandates, including FERPA
  • Square 9 ECMGiveparents and admissions personnel real-time, web-based access to schoolwork, report cards and transcripts
  • Square 9 ECMScanand import projects to create robust student portfolios
  • Square 9 ECMCreateIEP approval routing and conditional based email notifications

Case Study

GlobalSearch Document Management Software Makes Dental College Smile

“Efficiency gains from GlobalSearch have translated directly into cost savings. We’ve eliminated 10 hours per week, meaning we are saving approximately $10,000 per year in labor costs alone. GlobalSearch quickly paid for itself, streamlining our operations considerably, helping us to do our jobs much better and faster—for less money. I estimate that our overall efficiency gains with GlobalSearch is in the neighborhood of 25 to 30%. GlobalSearch has given us greater control over our records and is helping us comply with FERPA. And, for the first time, we have a reliable disaster recovery system.”

Michael Murray
Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, The Ohio State University
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How is GlobalSearch ECM Used for Education?

  • Document Management SoftwareStudent/Staff Records
  • Document Management SoftwarePPT/IEP/504 Plan Records
  • Document Management SoftwareStudent Portfolios
  • Document Management SoftwarePayroll Records
  • Document Management SoftwareCEU Tracking
  • Document Management SoftwareBoard Meeting Minutes