Square 9 Softworks® Announces the Release of CloudBridge

Square 9 Softworks® announces the release of CloudBridge, a new tool for facilitating SaaS integration included in the GlobalSearch Fall 2021 release. This standard new feature for GlobalSearch Cloud creates an encrypted tunnel between Square 9’s SaaS digital transformation platform and localized applications to allow secure data sharing.

A lightweight, premise side service, CloudBridge creates an AES-256 encrypted tunnel between the GlobalSearch Cloud and your on-premise resources with far less configuration or IT services than would usually be required. Cloud access to premise databases, SMTP mail gateways, and other services can now be securely provisioned with little to no IT involvement at all.

CloudBridge provides a much more powerful tool for creating GlobalSearch Cloud integrations than a standard CSV or Excel export with its inherent flexibility. By creating a localized presence of the data, CloudBridge makes it easier to share information in varying formats consistent with applications that are traditionally all “on-premise.” Cloud Bridge also delivers a means for the bidirectional flow of information between applications which is required in most instances.

“We typically don’t see integrations where direct output to CSV or XML adequately addresses the needs of our clients,” stated Brian Banet, Square 9’s Chief Technology Officer. “Integrations with financial or ERP systems, for example, require interactive list binding to support changing customer or general ledger information. This is impossible to facilitate unless you have the means to communicate from the cloud to the localized application as if you were both on-premise,” Banet added.

Originally designed as an integration tool for the Square 9 Professional Services Group, CloudBridge is now available to Square 9 resellers and customers looking to easily create an integrated flow of information from the GlobalSearch Cloud.

For more information, please contact Square 9 or your Square 9 Authorized reseller.

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