Square 9 Softworks® Releases New Solution for K-12 Education, Education Essentials

NEW HAVEN, CONN., February 10, 2021 – Square 9 Softworks®, a leading developer of award-winning enterprise content management solutions, has announced its release of Education Essentials. This cloud-hosted solution helps school districts digitally transform student records and securely stores them in an easy-to-use information management system while protecting confidential information.

Built on the HIPAA and FERPA compliant GlobalSearch Platform, the new solution allows school districts to improve how they manage content outside their Student Information System. Education Essentials has been designed to manage thousands of records efficiently, keeping them safe from loss, fire, flood, or other natural disasters over the required state-mandated retention periods. With built-in automation tools, Education Essentials allow for easy input of documents, routing, and destruction of records when retention periods expire.

“The pandemic forced many organizations, including school districts, to evaluate their interaction with shared content,” said Stephen Young, CEO of Square 9 Softworks. “Maintaining student records and ensuring there is a secure and controlled exchange of student information is critical for managing all the documentation school districts are required to gather. Even more so given current trends in remote learning. Education Essentials is designed specifically for K-12 school districts and seamlessly integrates with Student Information Systems to bring a holistic approach to managing all student information,” said Young.

With the release of Education Essentials, Square 9 remains committed to feedback from its user community to ensure its continued focus on customer innovation. For more information, please visit https://www.square-9.com/industries/education/.

About Square 9 Softworks®

As a trendsetting software development firm, Square 9 is a creative force in the next generation of both on-premise and cloud-enabled Content Management solutions. Intensely customer-focused and highly responsive, Square 9 delivers effective, value-driven solutions and has achieved a reputation for excellence in meeting its customers’ rapidly evolving needs. In addition to GlobalSearch®, the award-winning Content Management solution platform, Square 9 has been widely recognized for its diverse portfolio of products, including solutions for Document Capture Automation, Business Process Automation, and Web Forms Management. Square 9 Softworks distributes its solutions internationally through a network of highly skilled Channel Resellers from its corporate office in New Haven, Connecticut. www.square-9.com.


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