Square 9 GlobalAction

Document Workflow Automation Software

Create the Ideal Structure for Your Document Workflow with GlobalAction®

Discover a business process workflow solution that streamlines your company's ability to collect, organize, and access the data you need, when you need it.

Features & Benefits

Square 9’s document workflow solutions bring universal clarity to document routing and business collaboration. GlobalAction is a workflow automation software that is customizable, giving you the ability to map workflows, cultivate data, and communicate in real-time.

Real Time Access

GlobalAction offers web-based document workflow solutions that are intuitive and always accessible. Your staff can easily create or edit workflow activities to allow for immediate access to document data at any time, from anywhere.

Leverage Web Forms

Insert web forms into your business workflow to collect the exact data you need to stay in compliance and serve customers with confidence. With GlobalAction, you can edit your document workflows to include custom made forms to fit your unique needs.

Automated Scheduling

Set specific document workflow schedules and let GlobalAction do the rest! Reminders can be set as often as necessary by sending an automatic email notification to users based on their schedule. Never miss a deadline due to poor communication!

Detailed Reporting

With robust reporting options, management can readily see how well your business process workflow performs. Run scheduled reports for better oversight and use the analytics tools to improve efficiency on all document-driven processes.

How It Works

GlobalAction document workflow automation software redefines business efficiency by allowing staff to perform with the highest level of confidence.

  • Business Process Management Workflow

    Design Your Process

    With our easy to use web-based system, you can design the entire document workflow process through an intuitive drag and drop interface. Build your business workflow from beginning to end, with automated actions throughout.

  • Improve Access With Document Management

    Map Business Activities

    With GlobalAction, you can create custom workflows to accommodate document tasks within specific departments or company-wide. If reporting shows that a process or area could use improvement, the workflows can be revised to meet your goals.

  • Document Management Data Protection

    Define Access & Authorization

    This system allows you to define access permissions for each employee, keeping confidential documentation secure and providing a record of everyone who accessed or edited document data.

  • Document Management Policies

    Establish Company Protocol

    With GlobalAction, you can develop mandatory company protocol so that each employee follows the same business rules. Enforcing mandatory steps within the workflow software ensures tasks are performed accurately.

  • Distributed Document Management System

    Communicate Effectively

    With a web-based document workflow software, employees can communicate in real time. Automatic reminders can be set so that the appropriate personnel are updated on new changes to current projects.

  • Maintain Critical Business Insight

    Manage Process Data

    With robust analytics, upper management can access critical insight of each process including how long a document was in a particular person’s queue. Gain visibility over the entire business workflow to better manage and oversee progress.

  • Cloud Document Management

    Create Shareable Reports

    GlobalAction provides detailed progress reports so that critical business information can easily be shared across an organization and with other business applications.