GlobalSearch Image XChange

Image Enabled Search

Image XChange Explores New Ways to Locate Your Business Information

Image XChange enhances daily productivity by instantly searching on-screen data to retrieve documents directly from the applications you use most, without ever opening GlobalSearch®

Getting to Know Image Enabled Search

Features & Benefits

While working within your everyday business applications, Image XChange provides immediate access to contracts, invoices, receipts, or any other type of multi-formatted documents stored in GlobalSearch.


Run a search from on-screen data within any application or webpage by simply integrating Image XChange into everyday business programs, including


With the ability to customize hotkeys for immediate search action, users can instantly access stored documents without leaving the program they are working in.


With the ability to edit and add fields for search criteria within the search prompt box, users can immediately address specific business requests.


Provide your team with quick access to stored content to improve productivity, greatly enhance customer service, and enable faster, more informed decision-making.

Prompt Ways to Search Efficiently

The advanced search functionality of Image XChange offers three unique ways to bring browser-based document lookup capability to your line-of-business applications.

How it Works

Image XChange pulls the information you need the moment you need it by searching the entire GlobalSearch system to match the selected data, without the need for complex technical integration.

  • GlobalSearch Set Search

    Set a Search

    Image XChange can be accessed directly from your Windows® system tray. Simply create a new search, or select any stored search within the GlobalSearch platform to start locating content.

  • Square 9 GlobalSearch

    Capture Data

    Regardless of the web page or business application you are working in, simply hover over the data you want to use and Image XChange will capture that information to run the search.

  • Retrieve Document Management Files

    Access Files

    Once the search has run, within seconds GlobalSearch displays a list of any and all documents meeting your search criteria in the Search Results Document List within a new browser tab.

  • Download the Image XChange Brochure

Where is Image XChange Used?

  • Square 9 ECMFinancial ApplicationsSelect an invoice number within accounting applications, including QuickBooks® or Microsoft Dynamics®, and trigger Image XChange to locate all documentation related to that invoice, streamlining the three-way match.
  • Square 9 ECMCustomer Relationship ManagementInitiate a search in your CRM system and Image XChange will find documentation to validate any current or outstanding tasks on a customer’s account, such as proof of delivery or purchase order.
  • Square 9 ECMWorld Wide WebWith fast and convenient hotkey access, users can instantly run an Image XChange search off of data on any web page, to locate all records of vendor or client information stored in GlobalSearch.
  • Square 9 ECMEmail ApplicationWhen communicating via email, simply select data in your inbox, such as an invoice number or PO amount, to trigger Image XChange to extract the data and return all associated documents.
  • Square 9 ECMWorkforce ManagementInstantly pull up employee documentation, including W-2s or I-9 forms, insurance enrollment applications and benefits statements, for better visibility and management of the onboarding process.
  • Square 9 ECMPatient Health InformationHospital staff can instantly pull up and view a list of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) associated with a patient’s medical history – treatment notes, prescriptions, etc. – without leaving their desks or requesting assistance from another department.
Featured Case Study:

GlobalSearch® Puts the Power of Accounting Accuracy in OTA Management’s Hands

With 12,000 records digitally stored, OTA now saves over 260 hours annually on paper management tasks with GlobalSearch. Square 9’s Image XChange has also enabled staff to coordinate review processes of purchase data before writing a check for payment. Image XChange enables OTA to get more done faster by automatically populating key index fields when scanning documents into GlobalSearch.