Our Story

Square 9 is the developer of highly intuitive, award-winning Document Management Software solutions that can be easily adopted to automate any paper intensive process.

Company Profile

Bringing You Cutting Edge, Corporate Solutions at a Price You Can Afford

Square 9 New Haven, CT

Started in a coffee shop on the 9th square of New Haven, Connecticut, Square 9 founders Anthony Bishop, Brian Bannet, and Stephen Young saw a unique opportunity to democratize the market for Enterprise Content Management software. Only affordable to large, enterprise corporations at the time, Square 9 envisioned a way to bring ECM solutions to small and medium sized companies as well. Now, with a growing multinational market and an expanding team of industry professionals, Square 9 Softworks continues to push the boundaries of what our solutions can do, even further democratizing the ECM industry with our proven, pre-designed Business Essentials packages.

Unmatched Customer Service

Here at Square 9, we strive to understand the individual needs of your business and provide you with a comprehensive, well developed solution. Our expertly trained professional services team has a deep understanding of our digital solutions and tremendous experience meeting the needs of our clients. Our never fail policy ensures that you leave satisfied with our services at the price you agreed to pay, even at our expense, and our series of webinars and education programs ensure you get the most out of the software we provide to you.