How ECM Education Empowers Maximum Business Efficiency

A well-educated workforce is the key to generating increased levels of business efficiency. But all too often, business owners fail to make employee training a priority. This is especially true in regards to complex business software, like Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Technical training is considered too high of an expense, requiring a large amount of employee time and resources. As a result, the workers responsible for the success of a business fail to gain the knowledge and techniques to take their processes to the next level.


But according to, trained employees are more highly-engaged in their roles, and are on average 38% more productive. Why is this important? To start, more knowledgeable workers lead to a more professional and quality assured end user experience. You want to learn about what the products are, what they do, and how they fit in your business operations and strategy. Attending a quality education program enables participants to understand greater possibilities of their unique ECM implementations, possibly identifying where installations can be customized to deliver additional value.

While educating end users is essential to get best utilization out of ECM software, a well designed partner program is also a winning formula to better serving those same end users. A document management company that educates their partners is subsequently delivering the most value to customers. It is important for Resellers to have full technical knowledge in order to help build solutions for specific customer pain points, while also improving the management of current solutions. Your team can learn how to sell and promote software solutions efficiently and effectively to grow and improve the business economy.

Beyond the value of knowledge, ECM education is also a key factor to success, as customers will get excellent support before and after the contract is signed. Companies that set themselves apart from the rest have an education system in place to help Resellers learn how to sell, implement and support document management software from beginning to end.

Ok, so now you understand the value of ECM education, but you just don’t have the time and money to commit. You can still provide your staff with the opportunity to grow. Web-based ECM education offers a mobile learning environment, empowering participants to work at their own pace, wherever, whenever is most convenient to them. From online video series, to PowerPoint presentations, eLearning programs enables students to benefit from private, 24/7 online education, while avoiding high travel costs and time out of office. By presenting critical ECM success factors, online training motivates partners to build their solutions expertise, while driving additional sales.

When document management software is part of your sales portfolio, it is imperative to not only know the in’s and out’s of how it works, but how to help customers understand how their business can best leverage the benefits of ECM. When considering a document management partner, you want to look at how they educate you to be successful. Specifically, you want to be able to identify opportunities in key horizontal applications and take them to the next level. Give your reps the tools to enhance their sales performance, increase productivity and provide results. Learn more about Square 9’s unique ECM education and get your team started today!

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