Leveraging Document Management Across Business Markets

How often do you transport files in and out of the office? Do you constantly worry about misplacing confidential records or damaging them during travel? Research shows that an estimated 7.5% of a company’s paper documents are lost, costing an average of $122 to find or replace. That means if your company manages 10,000 documents, about 750 of them will be go missing, costing around $91,500 for the time and supplies it would take to recreate them.


This is where a mobile document management platform can help. What most companies want in a document management strategy is secure and seamless mobile access to business files. A web-based software solution eliminates the concern of taking documents out of office, while allowing businesses of any vertical market to become more efficient and productive. While mobile document management can benefit any industry, let’s take a look at how it helps some of the most paper-intensive markets:

Legal –  How many clients does your law firm have? It could be 10, 20, even 100 or more. No matter what the number is, the legal industry is cluttered with confidential documentation. Ensuring these case-sensitive documents remain organized, accessible and out of the wrong person’s hands is critical. With a mobile document management platform lawyers and their staff can capture, route and retrieve important documents without having to spend time searching through a filing cabinet or stack of papers on a desk. Mobile access allows lawyers to securely view these critical files from anywhere, including directly from within the court room. This significantly increases efficiency and time management, without the need to physically print out paper. Having this immediate access could very well be the difference maker in a case ruling.

Distribution – Don’t waste time digging through a filing cabinet for a proof of delivery slip. With mobile document management, all you need is a tablet or smartphone to simplify the management of delivery paperwork and distribution of goods. When a document is electronically signed, the software automatically captures the signature, along with the document data, and indexes it away in well-organized archives. This simplifies future search and retrieval while keeping documents secure, allowing employees back at the facility to manage customer service more efficiently. If a customer has a question or complaint about a package that never arrived, you can use the keyword search to type in their name and pull up their proof of delivery signature, routing number, packing slip and more in a matter of seconds.

Healthcare – Is your staff tired of manually entering the same information from multiple forms for a single patient? This tedious task is eliminated with the mobility of document management software. Before arriving for their appointment, patients can fill out medical records digitally, via an online web form, from the comfort of their home where they have access to past medical information, streamlining the form submission. Once they arrive, all they have to do is sign in. Patient information is routed into the document management software, alerting staff members of its arrival and automatically capturing that data for accurate indexing. Digital time stamps log who accessed a patient file and what changes were made, keeping healthcare establishments compliant with HIPAA regulations. With document management software you can also be assured your files are secure and electronically backed up in case of fire, theft or natural disaster.

While these are some good examples, a mobile document management software platform can benefit any vertical market, solving the paper-based challenges they face. From storage to cost, productivity and compliance, web-driven document management is the solution to all of your business’s needs. Are you interested in seeing how document management software can help your industry? Contact Square 9 today for more information!

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