5 Benefits of Square 9’s Knowledge Base and How It Makes a Difference

As the developers of award-winning enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, Square 9 is committed to keeping up with the high demands of an information-intensive world by providing reliable and prompt service. Square 9’s new online product resource hub has the information you need the moment you need it! From enterprise content management to web forms and process automation, the Square 9 Knowledge Base is a modern display of technical information, updated in real time to improve accessibility and reduce the need to contact customer support. Let’s explore 5 benefits of the Square 9 Knowledge Base and how it makes a difference:

Benefit 1: Instant Access

Looking for an answer on the weekend, after business hours, or on a holiday? The Square 9 Knowledge Base keeps up with the demands of today’s connected world. The online platform can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring you have the most recent technical documentation at your fingertips.

Benefit 2: Streamlined & Accurate Information

Product information is constantly being evolved and when information is shared via PDF files, you run the risk of referencing an outdated version. The Knowledge Base is a single, online product resource hub that employees, Resellers, and customers can access for the most recent and accurate information, standardizing communication between all channels.

Benefit 3: Reduced Training

The Knowledge Base is a great resource for new hires to get trained on the Square 9 GlobalSuite of solutions. Employees can easily access the latest product resources from how-to and troubleshooting articles, to technical product knowledge documentation, equipping them with the tools to become an enterprise content management (ECM) guru.

Benefit 4: Increased Customer Satisfaction

It’s no surprise that customers want answers to their questions immediately – and we don’t blame them. Square 9 works hard to create, collect, share, and manage relevant product information in an organized manner so customers can find the answers to their questions. This alleviates time spent waiting on hold for support, so you can focus on more important aspects of your job.

Benefit 5: Mobile Friendly

Solve problems on the go with anywhere, anytime access to the online resource hub from a mobile device. Whether you’re performing a demo or training a new employee, you can quickly navigate through the portal to obtain the information you need to keep business moving, reaching a new level of efficiency.

If you haven’t already checked out the Square 9 Knowledge Base, now’s the time! Stay current with Square 9 as we continue to deliver new and innovative products and evolve as an industry leading software developer. Schedule a demo to learn more about Square 9’s solutions or visit square-9.com for more information!

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