Document Management Software for the Digital Workplace

According to Gartner research, a digital workplace advocates new, more effective ways of working with technology to raise employee morale, engagement and overall productivity. Having a document management strategy in place can maximize business efficiency, keeping a company competitive with the evolving trends of digital business.


Why document management? When transitioning into a digital workplace, it’s best to start with the most important aspect of any business: documents and their data. Document management software stores all of a company’s paper-based and electronic business information into a single digital location, enabling improved accessibility and retrieval, enhanced collaboration, assurance of business continuity and regulatory compliance. Employees also have the freedom to efficiently manage how, where, and when they work.

In order to execute an effective document management strategy, these key objectives need to be taken into consideration:

  • Mobility – Do you have employees who work remotely? How many work in the field? Providing mobile contact to business information allows for easier anywhere, anytime access to documents from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Business can continue as usual.
  • Communication – How long does it take for a purchase order to receive approval? How many employees need to review it? Easily collaborate, route, and share content by creating document workflow processes within a document management software solution.
  • Integration – How many business programs does your company use? Do employees manage data in QuickBooks, Salesforce or SAGE? Customize your document management software to fit your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Human Resources department needs, feeding data between the programs they use most.
  • Security – Worried about the security of your document data? Document management software simplifies privacy through password protection. It is much safer to digitally store data than having paperwork in an easy access file cabinet or thrown across a desk. Content remains secure with user identification access and document audit trails.

Are you ready to start your digital workplace strategy? Contact Square 9 for more information on leveraging document management.

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