Document Management Software: What’s Trending?

The trend to go paperless is growing. According to CMS Wire research paper consumption is decreasing in 44% of organizations compared to 35% three years ago, and the average amount of paper storage in offices is currently13.5%, down from 15.3% in 2011. Converting to a paperless process with document management software will keep your company well organized and efficient, benefiting your overall business strategy.


Beyond going paperless, the benefits of document management software have created quite a buzz in today’s business world. Let’s take a look at three of the top trending topics:

  1. Mobile Access – Work shouldn’t have to stop just because you’re out of the office. One of the biggest perks of document management software is on-the-go access. Documents can be instantly accessed from smartphones, tablets, and laptops, eliminating the need to carry your paperwork with you. Having instant access to your business information is critical if you suddenly have to work remotely. Send an invoice for approval, sign a contract or pull up a proof of delivery slip. Its mobile capabilities are virtually endless. Even the camera on your mobile device can be used for scanning receipts, insurance claims, submitting orders and more. With document management software, working remotely is simple, secure and increasing customer service efforts.
  2. Capture Automation – Scan your paper-based files and instantly capture data – without even lifting a finger. By scanning your documents into the system with capture automation, your staff can save time and become more productive by eliminating manual data entry and filing. They can then type in keywords, routing numbers, dates or names to search for the file that’s needed. In a paper-based business, it could take hours, or even days to find a particular file. But with the automatic indexing capabilities of capture automation, documents can be filed and retrieved in a matter of minutes.
  3. Collaboration and Scalability – Are you set in the routine of printing papers out for meetings? Document management software securely stores all of your business documents in one central place, eliminating printing and streamlining employee collaboration. A built in document history trail logs all document actions including who viewed a file, what modifications were made, and when. With in-depth visibility into collaborative efforts, your company can work together remotely, to get more done in less time and with fewer resources. Once you decide on the right document management solution, it can be introduced first to the departments that need it the most and then gradually added into others when necessary, as your company grows and new needs arise.

So how will your company remain competitive in the evolving digital world? Switching to a paperless environment is not an easy change, but it’s an extremely beneficial one. Contact Square 9 today to learn how to get started.

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