Mobile Document Management Software: Anywhere, Anytime Access

As business continues to move digital, it’s time to think about the productivity of your employees, and the overall efficiency of your organization. In today’s busy tech world, you must ensure that your company is available to work whenever, wherever you are. Having that immediate access to your documents is more important than ever.


Mobile document management software provides your company with the solution to access any file through tablet, smartphone, or laptop, keeping you connected and productive on the go. Sounds simple, right? Well that’s because it is! But of course, questions arise, especially when considering how a mobile solution can benefit a company in the long run. So let’s go through the most common questions about mobile document management and the benefits it could provide for your business.

Question: What is mobile document management software?

Answer: Mobile document management is an extension to your desktop Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that provides an efficient way to securely access, track, and edit files when you’re out of the office. Instead of carrying all the paper documents with you, mobile document management electronically stores everything through a secure browser-based platform, allowing users to access business information, as needed.

Question: What will it do for my company?

Answer: Waiting for someone to approve an invoice or sign a form can be frustrating. But, with mobile document management software you have the workflow functionality to send automated notifications on the go. The person on the receiving end can then quickly pull up the document on their mobile device, sign or approve, and keep the document moving through its lifecycle process without delays, increasing efficiency and simplifying the process. Employees that work in the field are more productive as well because they have access to their files on the device they use most, eliminating a trip back to the office if something is forgotten. Ultimately, mobile document management decreases time spent searching for files that could be better spent elsewhere.

Question: Is it easy to use?

Answer: Mobile document management is not only easy to use, but it is compatible with iOS or Android, as well as a variety of browser based platforms such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. There is nothing to install and it easily adapts to different formats, resolutions, and sizes while working at the same speed as your desktop browser. Working with your documents on a mobile device is similar to working with a hard copy of them. You can make edits, add annotations or signatures, and easily navigate through different pages.

Question: Are there security options?

Answer: Ensuring that only the appropriate employees have access to business information is extremely important. They are taking a huge risk when confidential files are brought out of the office to a customer site. If someone were to accidentally misplace a file, it could be detrimental to your company and your relationship with clients. With mobile document management software, all of your information is stored in one secure place, and access is based off individual permissions. User administration is easily managed with passcode access for authentication.

Question:  What other areas of my business will it help?

Answer: By implementing mobile document management, you are speeding up your customer service response time. If an employee in the field were to receive a call from a customer and need to access specific files, they can quickly look them up from their mobile device by keyword, date, name, or invoice number, instead of having to hang up and make additional calls to find the necessary paperwork. Files can be found in a matter of seconds, giving your employees in the field easier search capabilities and leaving your customers satisfied.

Giving employees the advantage to access business documents out of office is a huge advantage. Not only will it increase efficiency, but mobile document management software is a powerful solution that can increase sales and leave you steps ahead of your competitors.

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