Square 9 & the Rising Tech Industry in New Haven

What could a relatively small city in Connecticut have in common with groundbreaking technology companies like Google and IBM? New Haven, home of the prestigious Yale University, is in the race to build the world’s first Quantum computer. A feat that takes the near magical elements of quantum physics and turns them into usable intelligence. It is not surprising that Robert Schoelkopf, leading Yale scientist and Quantum Circuits founder, chose New Haven, CT as the potential birthplace for the first quantum computer. Since the town’s founding in 1638, New Haven has been a breeding ground for technological advancements. From start-ups and small businesses to large corporations, the Elm City is home to many organizations focused on technological progression and development.


So, what is it about New Haven, and how did Square 9, a progressive developer of document management technology, begin here? The answer lies in the city’s deep-rooted history. New Haven’s innovative reputation dates back to the 19th century when Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. From then on, New Haven has seen advances that range from culinary achievements like Louis’ Lunch introducing the hamburger to America, to renowned medical enhancements including the invention of chemotherapy in the 1940’s. With the city’s commitment to innovation, a culture of change quickly became the standard, fostering new forms of technological advancements. Along with local recognition, the Elm City has garnered national attention. Making Verizon’s list of best cities for tech start-ups and US News and World’s Tech Fast 500 rankings, with 7 New Haven bred tech companies on the list.

Square 9 was created, or should we say developed, in a coffee shop in New Haven’s 9th Square District that happened to have free wifi for all to enjoy. The Square 9 founders saw the value of being tied to this pioneering city. Influenced by its hard-working attitude, they sought to create a company that not only solved problems that many organizations face, but also build companies into more successful entities, just as Square 9 has done today. Square 9’s mission takes a new approach to software development. One that doesn’t solely focus on selling a product, but goes beyond that to meet the needs of their staff, customers, and partners alike.

Once Square 9 began to thrive in the Elm City, the company sought to give back to the place it called home. As a part of the Small Business Express Program, Square 9 contributed to the 1,500 companies that provided 22,000 jobs for Connecticut residents. Square 9 strongly believed that their commitment to building a company in a culturally rich and diverse community like New Haven, has greatly contributed to the strength of the organization and the quality and talent of the staff. From its humble roots in a local New Haven coffee shop to the 30,000 square foot historic Exchange Place building, Square 9 remains committed to developing a strong technology community that will help the city realize its objective as a center for innovation.

New Haven also has the benefit of housing many other cutting-edge companies. All of which work to maintain the city’s reputation as a leader in technological advancements. For example, since 1992 DataHaven has provided Connecticut with accurate and compelling data to better understand the health and wellbeing of Connecticut residents. Their Greater New Haven Community Wellbeing Index includes data that allows New Haven residents and business owners to make decisions to improve the public health, economic development and civic vitality of the city as a whole. In addition to nonprofit organizations, New Haven is also the home of marketing agencies like Digital Surgeons who took on the City of New Haven as a client in order to work on a project geared towards building a better community. The project focused on enticing young professionals to consider buying a home in New Haven, renovating their homes, and receiving reimbursements for college tuition. All with the goal of driving home ownership in the city.

As we look to 2018, District New Haven, a contemporary coworking campus will be opening its doors, providing even more space for tech companies and start-ups to settle in to the city’s vibrant culture and celebrated technological industry. With a tried and true history that promotes the cultivation and importance of technology, New Haven has proven to be the city that innovates. As the city continues to grow, we look towards the future of New Haven, understanding that with a great reputation, comes an obligation to keep moving forward. To find out more about Square 9 and their products go to https://www.square-9.com/.

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