3 Unique Examples of How Real Customers Use Square 9’s Solutions

With over 13,000 customers and growing, Square 9 is focused on solving business problems, by continuously delivering new and innovative products for improving efficiency and productivity. Our award-winning GlobalSearch enterprise content management (ECM) software has helped businesses of all sizes and industries eliminate document-intensive workflow process. As such, we are always amazed to hear how our customers utilize the Square 9 Global Suite of solutions in their own unique ways – and we wanted to share some of our favorite success stories with you! Let’s take a look at 3 unique use cases:

Trucking Industry: V&S Midwest Carriers Corp.

Since 1986, V&S Midwest Carriers provides a variety of services such as truckload, LTL, brokerage, 3rd party logistics and much more. Headquartered in Kaukauna, WI, V&S began their journey with Square 9 in 2016 when they implemented the GlobalSearch enterprise content management software to replace their existing paper-based document storage system. Determined to achieve significantly higher workflow automation, V&S created a mobile app that integrated their Transport Management System with Square 9’s GlobalSearch ECM and GlobalCapture document capture automation solutions. The app gives drivers the ability to scan BOLs the moment they’re signed, directly through their mobile device. GlobalSearch immediately recognizes the document type and data, allowing V&S to bill that customer within a matter of minutes. This has allowed V&S to eliminate in-house scanning, the need to store paper, manual indexing, and has even reduced Accounts Receivable collection to 7 days.

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Fast Food: Armstrong Subway

Operating for over 33 years, Armstrong Subway, Inc. has been a leading fast food provider in the area of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Due to a high employee turnover rate, Armstrong Subway needed a solution for improving the storage, management, and monitoring of all required employee paperwork. Following the implementation of Square 9’s GlobalSearch document management software, Armstrong Subway securely stored over 20,000 documents and continues to store files daily. Armstrong staff now has immediate access to information via a centralized repository from anywhere at any time, eliminating 20 hours of administrative work that was spent locating and maintaining paperwork. Suddenly, Armstrong Subway’s worst nightmare came true and they were hit with both a discrimination lawsuit and a Department of Labor audit. Thanks to GlobalSearch, Armstrong Subway was able to locate all related paperwork in an efficient and cost-effective manner, without any associated penalties or fines.

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Auto Loan & Financing: DriveTime Automotive Group, Inc.

As the nation’s largest used car dealership network and finance company, DriveTime provides underwriting, financing and account servicing for auto loans to help people find and finance great used cars. With an outdated document management system in place, DriveTime was struggling to keep up with paperwork from the 835,000+ vehicles sold and documented across all 150 dealerships. GlobalSearch ECM was just the solution DriveTime needed! Before GlobalSearch, it would take staff members five minutes to simply retrieve a paper document but now a document is located in as little as five seconds. OCR allows staff to effortlessly index documents without manually keying data, advanced search capabilities make it easy to locate archived documents for batch exports, and Barcode Recognition allows all titles to be scanned at once. Impressed by the powerful capabilities of their ECM solution, the IT department at DriveTime developed a service that integrates directly with GlobalSearch, notifying users when new and follow-up documents have arrived for the specific deals they are working on, streamlining productivity like never before!

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As you can see, GlobalSearch is the perfect solution for organizations of any size! GlobalSearch offers flexible pricing and configuration with the ability to select the ECM tools you need for simple task automation, plus the ability to add on enterprise-class process management later! Contact Square 9 Softworks today to learn how our award-winning products can eliminate paper-based processes in your company, or schedule a live demo to see our products in action!

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