4 New Years Resolutions to Keep Your Business Competitive in 2018

The new year is time to establish brand-new resolutions that will set you up for continued prosperity in 2018. But why stop at personal growth? Expand your thinking to include resolutions for your business as well! Business goals are just as attainable as personal goals, and when planned thoughtfully, they will put you and your business on a path to success for many years to come. Consider these simple document management resolutions and see what you and your business can accomplish in 2018!


1. Clean Up That Clutter

Are there piles of documents on your desk and multiple file cabinets in your office? Are you desperately needing to declutter your space? Today, office spaces are being used more resourcefully and bulky file cabinets pose more problems than real estate. With inefficient paper-based storage, locating a document means manually searching through drawers full of files and folders. And did you know, one standard five-drawer filing cabinet can consume on average of 16 square feet of office space? From accessibility to productivity, old storage methods like filing cabinets can drastically minimize an organization’s efficiency. Are you looking to improve records management processes in your business? With document management software, turning your paper into digital data is seamless! Document management software captures and transforms paper-based documents into digital information that can be shared, mined, and managed with far greater efficiency. Declutter your office and free up space for success this year!

2. Reduce Spending

Looking to cut down on business expenses in the new year? According to Gartner, print is typically the third highest business operating expense behind rent and payroll. The most cost-effective strategy for tackling inefficient paper management is reduction.  Switch to enterprise document management software to greatly reduce paper, ink, and equipment maintenance costs. Not only will document management software eliminate these pricey expenses, but it can also help your company to reduce its paper dependency. In fact, a study by Xerox found that almost 50% of all office papers are discarded on the same day they were printed. Why spend so much on paper with a lifespan of less than eight hours? Choosing electronic storage methods could save your company a considerable amount of money. Configuring a company’s paper cost is the first step in understanding their dependence on paper. And with this understanding, the decision to adopt a document management solution can be made easily!

3. Improve Productivity

Sloppy records management creates a lack of process and communication, often resulting in delays and a loss of productivity.  Start your new year off right by creating peak efficiency in your office. Improve employee productivity with immediate access to business information through a document management solution! With flexible search tools to locate records using any combination of keywords and phrases, it’s quick and easy to find documents exactly when you need them. Enterprise content management software allows business users to be in control of critical documentation, ensuring that both document processes and workflow are streamlined for improved productivity. A strong content management strategy can produce immediate benefits to your business’s efficiency. Implement a new document management solution to improve your output in 2018!

4. Make Informed Decisions

With solutions that improve the visibility of your data, you’re empowered to make more informed business decisions in the new year. While investing in a document management platform is a great way to streamline your business processes, data capture solutions can bring you to an even higher level of efficiency by simplifying accuracy and driving consistency. By transforming your documents into workable data, your information will be free of errors, giving you greater visibility into timely decision making and more effective results. With crucial and clear information at your fingertips, knowledge workers can make informed decisions that will better your business!

By optimizing award-winning document management software, businesses save money, produce less paper waste, and increase efficiency. What document management resolutions are you going to make this year? Contact Square 9 Softworks to get started on accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions!

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