4 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Cloud Based Document Management Software

With the availability of digital information on the rise, organizations are struggling to process data from a number of sources, in a variety of formats. As a result, employees must bend over backwards to find the information they need to do their jobs effectively. Having the ability to capture, control, and analyze digital data has become critical as more information is being shared in unstructured formats, like email and web based forms.


But what if you had a solution that automatically captured and extracted high value information with minimal effort? Even better, what if you could take captured information from virtually any source and instantly share it through intuitive document workflow routing?

Square 9 is proud to release GlobalCapture 2.1, featuring GlobalForms 10, the industry’s first stand-alone capture automation solution to intelligently unify document capture, business process automation, and web forms into a cohesive information management strategy. This innovative approach provides users with a unified work queue for the review of all captured information, from scanned images to imported content, email, and now dynamic web forms!

Let’s explore the new key features and why they matter to you:

  • Capture Now Has Its Own BPM Engine
    Putting captured data into motion, Square 9’s latest capture software reduces the time and expense of workflow design with it’s own process management engine for easy and immediate distribution of business-critical information. 
  • Workflow Routing Without ECM Software
    With an enhanced business process automation engine, document routing and approval can be completed during the capture process, before releasing information to an enterprise content management repository, delivering an end-to-end capture, extraction, and routing process. 
  • Send Data to Wherever it Belongs
    Send captured data to a document management system or release data to your file system and third party applications. Once the data is intelligently captured and classified—it can be analyze within whichever program you use. 
  • Limitless Data Extraction
    Users can now train the capture system to automatically recognize, classify, and extract data on unique document formats, providing a more flexible and comprehensive scanning solution that offers the highest levels of security. 
  • Web Forms Integration
    Gather more information with less effort! Users can now leverage the power of web based forms within their capture solution, creating one workflow platform for reviewing all captured information. Delivering a simple, unified experience, there is no longer a need for complex and expensive migration projects. 
  • Customize Your Web Forms
    With a more robust platform, users are provided new web forms styling options and an updated library of customizable forms for smart and dynamic information capture! Forms can be shared with your customers, vendors, and employees, so you could gather even more information with minimal effort.

Beyond these exciting new features, there is so much more that a cutting-edge document capture solution can do to benefit your organization. If you’re looking for the best document capture automation software for your business, there are a few cardinal rules to keep in mind. Choose an innovative solution that offers unique feature functionality unlike anything else on the market. Look for advanced automation capabilities that require little to no manual effort. Select a software that adapts to the way you work, without any special technical skills or outside help. And lastly, ensure your capture solution works to make your business more efficient and more profitable.

Are you ready to unlock the value of capture automation to drive innovation in your business? Visit http://info.square-9.com/capture-forms-release  to learn more!

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